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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation 907 505 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Digital transformation has become a trendy buzzword in the tech space, especially as we navigate a post-pandemic world. For nonprofits who have been traditionally slow adopters of technology, shifting to a completely digital space may seem quite overwhelming at first. Varsity is here to change that. At its core, digital transformation involves re-examining your organization’s…

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IT service
IT Professionals Day
IT Professionals Day 907 503 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

We are thrilled and honored to be celebrating IT Professionals Day. This day is important to us for many reasons. For one, it allows us to reflect and express our gratitude to all of the incredibly hard-working IT professionals on our team. We thank them for all the work they do to keep our clients’…

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back to school
Back to School Tech Tips
Back to School Tech Tips 717 402 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

The end of summer means back to school for students and teachers. While the past two years have been unpredictable and challenging for many in the education sector, there are positives that have emerged. One of the most important ones involves technology. With the right technology in place, teachers, students, and schools will experience a…

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Tips For Strategic Data Management
Tips For Strategic Data Management 1024 597 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Data management is a key component of any business. With 94% of enterprises believing data is essential for business growth, strategic management is the most important way to ensure you’re making the most of your data. This rings true for nonprofit organizations as data can help drive success and mission impact. Plus, with the rise…

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Top 5 Things Your IT Provider Should Be Doing
Top 5 Things Your IT Provider Should Be Doing 1024 611 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Whether you’re currently working with a Managed IT provider or are considering your options, there are a few important qualities to look out for. Since the goal of any co-managed IT partnership is to build collaboration, trust, and support, you want to ensure any IT provider you partner with is the right fit for your…

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Beware of Shadow IT
Beware of Shadow IT 1024 677 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Are you familiar with shadow IT? If not, it’s an important aspect of cybersecurity to be aware of. Shadow IT refers to the applications, systems, software, and other technology tools that your business uses without official approval from your organization’s IT department. Because businesses cannot protect technology they are not aware of, business are more…

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Microsoft 365 For NonProfits
Microsoft 365 For NonProfits 1024 683 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Is your nonprofit looking to improve cybersecurity, reduce costs, and work more efficiently? Microsoft 365 offers a powerful solution to achieve these goals. With many helpful resources designed specifically for nonprofits, as well as full onboarding support, Microsoft 365 is a great choice for nonprofits who want to streamline their services and increase their mission…

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The Power of IT Automation
The Power of IT Automation 1024 680 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Automation is one of the fastest growing trends in IT and operations. It not only saves your organization time and money, it also allows you and your team to focus on more mission-driven projects. Interestingly, Gartner found that almost 70% of routine work done by managers could be fully automated by 2024. With less time…

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Supporting Your Social Enterprise With IT
Supporting Your Social Enterprise With IT 1024 683 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Social enterprises are changing the world for good. Whether it’s a neighborhood food co-op or a credit union, social enterprises can use technology to further their impact, and Varsity can help every step of the way. Our background in the nonprofit and education industries puts us in a unique position to support this growing industry.…

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Summer Tech Tips
Summer Tech Tips 1024 711 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

It’s officially summer! With warmer temperatures, longer days, and gatherings with family and friends on the horizon, it’s a time of year most of us look forward to. Besides all the fun summer brings, it also can mean more crowds, traffic, and delayed travel plans. Plus, with millions of Americans planning to travel this season…

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Why Co-Managed IT?
Why Co-Managed IT? 1024 689 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

Organizations of all sizes and industries are at risk for cyberattacks. Nonprofits are potentially more at risk given their limited budgets and smaller teams. They also store and collect personal information from donors, volunteers, and other community members — from addresses to financial information. Beyond that, many nonprofits are slow to adopt new technology that…

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Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?
Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan? 1024 618 Jenna Chouinard Jenna Chouinard

With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, it is imperative for your organization to have a strong security strategy in place. Beyond that, we recommend developing a robust disaster recovery plan, in the event a detrimental attack does occur. By now we know that organizations of all sizes and industries can be affected by cybersecurity attacks,…

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