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IT Consulting & Support

Expertly implemented IT roadmaps and tech assistance for your project’s success

IT support directly influences and maintains many aspects of your organization. Since technology and other business variables are always changing, there’s a limit on the growth and scalability as well as the overall impact you can make in your industry if you don’t have a clear roadmap and strong IT support to back you up. Having professional IT consultants to direct and manage your IT projects will also save you money and time in the long run.

Varsity Technologies provides reliable and strategic IT Consulting and Support to organizations across the San Francisco area and beyond. We are committed to helping businesses carry out strategic IT projects and providing technical assistance whenever they need it. Our team of experts is always available to work on site or remotely to manage your technology, equipped with the dedication you need to reach your organizational goals.

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More than just fixing your technology

With the following IT Support services, Varsity Technologies can help your team stay organized and productive, and ensure everything runs smoothly

Hardware Recommendations & Maintenance

We know that your hardware is one of your biggest assets. We will assess how effective your current hardware is in achieving productivity and efficiency and then provide you with recommendations based on your required work output as well as your budget. From there, we’ll stick around and be available to respond to any inquiries or issues that may arise.

Network Connectivity

Your IT support is directly responsible for setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining your network connections whether it’s one computer connected to the internet or an entire fleet of office computers and equipment. The larger your network grows, the more essential it is to have a dedicated office IT support team at your disposal.

On-Site & Remote Support

Having IT support readily available, on site or remotely, is a huge asset to your organization. Technology can become seriously confusing when things don’t work the way they should. Questions that can frustrate your entire team can come up but also can be easily answered by our friendly IT support specialists.

Communication Management

With so much communication going on, it is necessary to have an IT person available to ensure every glitch or hold-up is taken care of promptly without any disruptions to the services you provide and the operations of your team. Equally important is ensuring all networks and connections are safe from cyberattacks or data breaches.

Traditional phone calls are no longer relevant to a modern workplace, and VarsityVoice provides a 100% cloud-based VoIP voice management solution that removes the need for telephone companies and expensive hardware.

Cloud Management

We can help you manage and control all the files, applications, services, and other data your organization stores in the cloud. Varsity’s team has a deep understanding of the cloud infrastructure, data protection, and other technical aspects of cloud computing. We can offer recommendations among our services so you can gain the most benefit from the cloud.

Benefit from a OneCloud DataSafe subscription. OneCloud DataSafe has much to offer your organization, including keeping your data effectively backed up and easily recoverable.


Whether it’s ensuring all firewall and anti-spyware settings are updated and working or implementing a security plan that will establish best practices in your workplace, Varsity will provide your organization with the best and most up-to-date security features to keep your employee and client data safe.

Escalation Services

Having an escalation management system in place allows our IT support team to quickly identify and monitor situations that require immediate and increased attention. Varsity can swiftly track and monitor via multilevel support channels so that all issues are dealt with accordingly with minimal downtime.

Engineering Support

Varsity Tech delivers advanced IT services for engineering projects and clients. We provide a variety of tech and project management support in addition to the rest of our stack.

Improve your office IT’s overall functionality with the subscription-based IT support services provided by Varsity Elevate.

IT Support solutions that understand your business

Designed for the modern cloud office

Efficient support for cloud technologies including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Solutions for hybrid or 100% virtual workforces

On-site and remote support wherever your team members may be located.

Best-in-class service

Fast triage time from great support staff. Benefit from California-based help desk and extended business hours.