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Security Audit

Varsity Technologies trained and certified IT techs offer comprehensive and scalable cyber security solutions to our clients to ensure their networks and servers are protected from both outside and inside security threats.  Many liability insurance policies contain requirements for annual or other timely security audits done by a credited professional.

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Is Your Organization Ready For A Cyber Security Attack?

No firm or business is fully ready for what would be involved inthe aftermath of a cyber attack. Not knowing how your organization would fare in the event of an attack is definitely scary, but there are methods for determining your business’ strength, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to establish a picture of just how well your organization can protect itself from threats.

Having a false sense of security is exactly what cyber criminals search for in potential targets. They will target you, your employees, your clients, and your weakest links to find the fastest way into your company. And once they’re in, it is unknown just how much damage they can cause.

Implementing security measure into your infrastructure is not enough — your orgnaization needs to continually audit its efficiency to ensure compliance and full protection.

An effective security audit tests the weaknesses of a business or organization’s networks, pin pointing whether systems are working properly and protecting against threats and vulnerabilities. Varsity Technology continues to provide cyber security solutions to the Los Angeles and San Franscico areas, enabling our clients to protect their properties, employees, customers and other assets and stakeholders from data breaches and unknown threats.

Security Audits are an essential facet of a proper cyber security prevention strategy. They keep all stakeholders, including employees, safe from threats and improve the overall function and security of an organization. Many small to medium companies introduce some cybersecurity measures and believe its enough. The belief that your organization isn’t a probable target for cybercriminals is like turning a blind eye and putting off the inevitable. If your organization has any kind of connection to a network, be it local or via a Cloud, you are a target and it is only a matter of time before vulnerabilities are discovered by the wrong people.

Services Included With a Security Audit From Varsity Technologies

A security audit can encompass many different services to ensure it’s properly conducted and that your organization is protected to its maximum ability. Our clients complete safety, and in turn your own clients secure data, is our main priority.

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  • Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) to evaluate existing infrastructure and systems to identity vulnerabilities and possible threats and the likelihood of an attack.
  • Interview and testing of employees and team members to ensure compliance with and knowledge of adequate security risk and their role in cybercrime prevention and the protection of senstive information.
  • Evaluation of access points to information to ensure only those authorized have access to specific folders, servers, and programs. Do those with access require it as part of their role within the organization? 
  • Study of remote and hybrid team members to distinguish whether their networks are secure and adequate security measures are in place.
  • Evaluation of compliance with organizational and government policies. 
  • Continuous updates, checks, and communication to ensure all security measures are up to date and functioning properly and smoothly.

Varsity will complete a fully comprehensive assessment and audit of your IT infrastructure. We will evaluate against all current standards, and pinpoint your company’s exact needs.

Why Choose Varsity For Your Organization’s Next Security Audit?

Varsity’s team of expert cybersecurity IT professionals can curate and tailor a cybersecurity solution to the needs and requirements of your organization. This may include audits, security assessments, a penetration test, and more. The Security Audit will assess and vulnerabilities and strengths within your network and servers, including any Cloud-based applications and storage, and will provide our clients with recommendations on improvements.

We will distinguish any areas of security that may have been overlooked or even compromised while utilizing any current trends in local, national, and global cybercrime. If necessary and needed, we will facilitate staff training, security implementation, ensure policy compliance, and more.

Varsity provides best in class service to all our clients. Our dedicated support team is here and available to provide quick and efficient advice and services so your company is always running at its best. Our trained and certified staff are fully trained in the modern workplace with a full comprehensive understanding of Cloud-based workplace management and security.

Hoping that Varsity can help pinpoints and vulnerabilities within your networks so you can better protect your employees and clients? Let’s chat. Reach out for a conversation today.