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Security Operations Center

Many organizations depend on a SOC (Security Operations Center) as a valuable part of their security procedures.

With the increase of cyber threats, more businesses and organizations are being exposed to internal and external risks that they may not be aware of. Smaller businesses or startups may not have the resources or funds to hire a complete SOC on-staff, but would still benefit greatly from having access to some form of support that can fully protect their data from unauthorized access and cybersecurity threats. 

Implementing a strong Security Operations Center not only ensures quick and constant detection and prevention of potential cyber-attacks and data breaches but also keeps costs associated with the tackling of these risks low and more manageable. It can save a small business even thousands of dollars from the aftermath of a cyberattack that wasn’t caught in time. 

SOCs are beneficial especially for organizations within the education, healthcare, or government-industry settings. 

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What is a Security Operations Center?

A Security Operations Center provides a base for IT experts and security professionals to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the security of an organization. It provides a hub for daily tasks to be taken to ensure the complete health of a company’s infrastructure from a cybersecurity standpoint.

Varsity Technologies will provide on-site, remote, or hybrid expert teams of technical support who are equipped with valuable resources and knowledge on how to detect and react to security threats while providing a wide range of other security operations. We will use our innovative technology solutions and processes to maximize the complete security of your organization, no matter its size or purpose.

What is Included as Part of a Security Operations Center From Varsity Technologies?

Varsity works with each unique client to discover the best strategy for meeting the security needs of the organization. Services include continuous management of security operations while maintaining a complete and up-to-date understanding of the latest threats and intelligence and the best defence mechanisms available to protect your organization. 

img s4 What is Included as Part of a Security Operations Center

Your organization can expect:

  • A strategic combination of both artificial and human intelligence to maximize and cover every possible vulnerability.
  • Speedy incident response times, limiting the number and possible destructive ability of any breaches.
  • Continued communication with our expert IT professionals who have strong knowledge of all cyber security practices and up-to-date threats.
  • Complete transparency.
  • Constant feeding of information into automated systems to monitor and keep up to date with any potential threats.
  • Collection and analysis of raw data from firewalls, detection systems, and SIEM systems.
  • Compliance maintenance to ensure an organization is meeting specific industry and organizational requirements.
  • Fill in any gaps in your existing security protocols and processes.
  • Real-time threat monitoring and vulnerability administration.
  • Analysis of possible warnings and deciphering whether there are any real threats that should be mitigated and taking all necessary precautions and reacting accordingly.
  • Complete network security.
  • Ensure comprehensive security best practices across your organization or business.
  • Management of activity logs to track and backtrack previous actions and communication.

All internet traffic, networks, servers, desktops, databases, applications, endpoint devices, and any other necessary tech and access points will be monitored 24/7 by members of Varsity’s expert security experts within our dedicated team of IT professionals.

Virtual SOC

Varsity Tech may also provide SOC-managed services virtually. There are no in-house employees. Instead, on-demand and cloud-based technicians will manage all of the same services above without the need of stepping foot on your premises.

Why Choose Varsity Technologies for your Security Operations Center?

Varsity Technologies has developed a successful strategy for Security Operations as part of its complete cybersecurity offerings. We are both effective and efficient at monitoring all security procedures on a daily basis while utilizing automatic security tools that instantly pick up threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches — so you can rest easy knowing that your organization is protected from cyber-attacks.

If you are unable to hire your own Security Operations Center, turn to Varsity Technologies for your own managed security professionals that will dedicate their resources to protecting what matters most – your clients, employees, staff, students, patients, and your reputation within your industry. We will work with your budget and your company’s unique needs to ensure you receive the best package possible for your organization.

Our certified Information Technology (IT) experts located in the San Francisco area and across California are knowledgeable in the modern workplace setting and can easily manage and monitor both in-house, remote, or hybrid networks and software to assure complete security from all angles. Our entire staff is friendly and approachable and available for questions extended hours of the day and will act on emergency situations at any time of the day or night.