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Mobile Device Management

In the modern workplace, 67% of employees use personal devices at work. Known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), many employers allow or encourage staff and volunteers to bring and use their own mobile devices at the office. The use of personal devices provides extra value to the organization and allows for team members to balance work and personal life more effectively. They can be difficult to properly manage, however, and pose a security risk for the entire organization if even one device becomes compromised. 

Calendar, email, and files/documents are some of the most accessed applications from mobile devices at the workplace – either remotely or on-site. Even internet browsing from a mobile device comes with its own risks. And, if a device is targeted, cybercriminals can sometimes quite easily access the sensitive data that’s stored within the device and its applications.

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Implementing effective MDM (Mobile Device Management) into your organization provides multiple benefits and solutions, including:

  • Enhanced security by ensuring your company remains in control of sensitive company data.
  • Reduced costs. Your workplace will not have to supply work-only devices, saving expenses. It also saves money that could be lost in the event of a major breach, because security measures prevent and track/report potential threats before they become critical issues.
  • Having a formal MDM plan set in place aids in ensuring proper compliance with mandatory standards such as HIPAA, ISO, GDPR, and PCI.

Varsity Tech Mobile Device Management Services

Varsity offers multiple services as part of its cybersecurity assistance. Depending on your own unique organization, as well as your budget allowance, you may prefer some or all of the following mobile device management services as part of your strategy. The following list does not highlight all of Varsity’s offerings within MDM.

Monitoring of an MDM Server

For mid to large organizations, such as an educational institution or large healthcare provider, an MDM server may be put in place for IT to track mobile devices connected to the local network as well as those working remotely.

A Formal BYOD Policy

Because most businesses allow for BYOD instead of supplying devices themselves, having a proper and formal BYOD policy in place is vital. 61% of organizations don’t have a formal policy in place, which in fact poses a security risk. Varsity will formulate a formal policy with your business’ input for full adherence to the business procedures already set in place. As IT professionals who are experts in cybersecurity, our team members are perfect for creating your formal BYOD policy as well as implementing a plan for employee/team member instruction/education.

Containerization of Employee and Company Data

Through the use of containerization methods, the personal data stored and accessed from a mobile device is kept completely separate from applications or areas where sensitive company data is stored. So, in the event that a mobile-device attack takes place, through text, email, or another method, unauthorized users cannot access certain apps or areas where corporate information is stored.

Cybersecurity Best Practices

It’s vital to ensure that best practices are kept consistent across mobile devices just as they would be from a work desktop. Varsity can work with teams to educate them in proper cybersecurity etiquette such as multi-factor authentication, remaining cautious when accessing websites and clicking links within emails and SMS, and more.

App Management

App management is important for any MDM plan. Varsity can manage permissions, settings, over the air to ensure compliance and complete protection from outside threats. Apps can be downloaded and deleted virtually from the MDM server.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Management

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is important as part of a completely secure mobile device as it secures browser-server transactions. With almost 2 billion websites in the United States, only about 47 million have SSL. It’s important for businesses and organizations of all sizes and purposes to properly implement and manage SLL to ensure that all data accessible within a website is completely secure.

Healthcare MDM

More healthcare organizations are offering electronic health records to their staff for efficiency and productivity. It’s important to ensure all personal health information is kept secure and compliant with HIPAA standards. An effective MDM strategy geared towards your healthcare organization can greatly increase security within the organization.

Education MDM

Many schools and post-secondary institutions are implementing tablet learning, remote learning, and other virtual learning capabilities. Although beneficial for learning, this poses a security risk. It’s important for mobile devices used within an educational institution or to access data remotely to be used solely for formal purposes. These types of institutions must have their own MDM strategy set into place that focuses on the main critical security components of the organization.

Why Choose Varsity Technologies for Your Mobile Device Management?

Varsity Technologies provides each client with friendly, knowledgeable customer service. We are available extended hours of the day to respond to all questions and requests while offering 24/7 emergency services where required. Our experts are knowledgeable within the modern workplace setting, including Cloud and mobile device optimization.

We believe there are no shortcuts to effective cybersecurity and will work with you to develop a unique strategy that keeps your business networks, servers, and mobile devices secure while working with your budget.

Varsity provides complete, comprehensive cybersecurity and IT support, among a wide selection of other services, to clients in the San Fransico Bay area as well as across California. We look forward to hearing more about your business and organizational needs so we can develop a unique strategy to help you scale your business and make the largest impact possible.