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Cloud Services

Scale up your organization with the cloud’s performance-boosting features

Cloud infrastructure is a term used to describe the components needed for cloud computing, which includes hardware, virtual machines, storage, and network resources. It is basically the knowledge center of your organization.

In this digital age, cloud computing technology is a necessity for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Without an agile, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure, most businesses can’t survive in the modern marketplace.

Varsity Technology’s extensive experience in providing cloud services to companies from various industries will ensure your smooth transition to a game-changing cloud infrastructure. Our cloud solutions will enable your workforce to enjoy secure systems and data, minimized downtime, easy access to files, and seamless collaboration from anywhere using any internet-powered device.

When you partner with Varsity, we’ll help scale up your organization by ensuring you get the maximum value from your cloud infrastructure.
img cloud services

Improve communication and collaboration with these cloud-powered apps

Microsoft 365


Google Apps

Microsoft Teams

Single Sign-On

Azure Management

AWS Management

Managed Voice Services

OneCloud: A private, cloud-hosting service

We’re Cloud Agnostic

We can support you on both AWS or Azure platforms as well as hybrid environments. Our agnostic approach allows us to be more holistic and meet a broader range of needs.

Competitive Pricing

​​Featuring our subscription-based model for those who prefer not to host their services in public entities. This provides the best offering at the lowest cost possible, even when compared with enterprise services like Azure and AWS.