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Penetration Test

Cybercriminals continue to discover new ways to hack into even the most impenetrable systems. If there’s a way in, eventually they will find it. With our wide expertise and trusted solutions, Varsity Technologies will find vulnerabilities in your organization’s infrastructure before cybercriminals do. Penetration Testing is one of many cyber security techniques that ensure continuous and maximum protection against cyber threats.
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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration or Pen Testing is the evaluation of a company’s IT infrastructure through the use of controlled, similar attack measures that cybercriminals would use to search and attack vulnerabilities to obtain sensitive data and information. Vulnerabilities can be found within operating systems, servers, Cloud-based and local networks, applications, and risky behavior taken by employees, clients, and end-users of a service.

Penetration Testing can also be done to test employee adherence to safety protocols and to aid in the training of staff and team members in online security best practices.

Similar to checking the security of your house by trying to break into it yourself, a penetration test evaluates the “windows” and “doors” of your business or organization, only they’re the networks, operating systems, mobile devices, emails, and other entry points that may be weak enough to climb through. Partnering with the best and experienced IT and cyber security experts in your area will ensure you don’t overlook the basement window because you trusted someone else to lock it.

What is Involved in a Penetration Test?

Varsity will use both manual and automated technologies to attempt to compromise and penetrate your servers, networks, wireless and local networks, Cloud and web applications, and more potential entry-points to find vulnerabilities. Once these vulnerabilities are successfully compromised, our testers will then attempt to reach the valuable data and information stored within the many now accessible areas of your infrastructure. We will continue to penetrate and escalate our achievement by seeking to get as much access to information as possible.

We will then present the information we’ve found to our client’s management and IT staff to provide valuable insight into their security. From there, recommendations will be made to ensure proper steps are taken to fix any vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and issues as soon as possible to secure the organization from the real outside and internal threats.

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  • First, we will plan with our client to ensure alignment with all business goals. All information required to begin the penetration test will be hashed out, pinpointing how much access and information our team will start with and who will know about the audit prior to its completion. 
  • Next, our qualified testers will begin their research into the company on both a personal and technical level. We will attempt to gather as much information as we can on employees, clients, etc. to obtain email addresses and more data that we can utilize in our attempts. We will test “easier” security walls such as anti-virus software and other areas to gather information such as IP addresses.
  • Finally, we begin to execute the penetration test itself, attempting to compromise weaknesses and infiltrate systems and networks as far as we can from as many entry points as possible. We will attempt to penetrate your network via email phishing techniques and other maneuvers to test staff and team members on proper security measures and best practices.

Upon Completion:

  • We will report our findings to your team, including how we were able to gain access to unauthorized areas of your infrastructure and where weaknesses were discovered.
  • We will verify whether your existing security measures are effectively working and whether necessary updates need to be made to ensure complete protection.
  • We will ensure your organization is meeting all compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • We will manage your vulnerabilities and turn them into security strengths across the entire organization. 
  • Prior to completing the entire process, we will return to clean up and ensure everything is as it should be, with new systems set in place as part of our remediation plan. 
  • We will retest when necessary to ensure new fixes put in place are working and no new weaknesses have surfaced since.
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Why Choose Varsity For Your Organization’s Next Penetration Test?

Varsity Technologies has curated an expert team of IT professionals who believe there is no shortcut to proper cybersecurity for any business, large or small. We will tailor and deliver a cybersecurity solution unique to your organization and based on your specific needs. Our penetration test software and techniques continue to protect hundreds of our clients across the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas and we’re excited to work with you next.

Varsity provides best-in-class service to all our clients. Our dedicated support team is here and available to provide quick and efficient advice and services so your company is always running at its best. Our trained and certified staff are fully trained in the modern workplace with a fully comprehensive understanding of Cloud-based workplace management and security.

Hoping that Varsity can help pinpoints and vulnerabilities within your networks so you can better protect your employees and clients? Let’s chat. Reach out for a conversation today.