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Help desk services have become a critical part of IT support as a growing portion of the workforce work from home or remotely. Implementing a Help Desk into your organization can lift a huge weight off your shoulders knowing that there’s always someone there who knows how to keep everything running smoothly.

With Help Desk Services for your foundation or organization, you get dedicated services provided by the best expert IT professionals in California. Varsity Technologies offers managed services, uniquely designed to fit into your organization and meet your business needs. 

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Now is the time to implement Help Desk services to scale your business.

If your goal is to grow or scale or business or non-profit, then getting by with the minimum amount of tech support isn’t enough. A Help Desk can greatly increase the impact of your organization. 
Through the managed services of Varsity’s expert IT team, implementing a remote Help Desk will provide you with the following benefits:
ico support stakeholders
Support to ensure all stakeholders’ data meets regulations;
ico allow 24 7 support
Allow for 24/7 support to respond to questions whenever a team member needs it;
ico quick access it support
Quick access to IT support during those last-minute crunches such as deadlines for grants or donor receipts, etc.
ico it team
A dedicated IT team who knows your organization and your team members and can offer quick advice and a friendly voice;
ico support education staff
Support and education for staff and volunteers to be proactive in preventing cybercrime by creating strong passwords and more.
ico team member requires support
Any team member or volunteer who requires support gets it. No need to bug executives about simple IT questions;
ico it help desks help
No question is too small. IT Help Desks help with all issues including password resets, file formatting, and more;
ico help desks maintenance
Help Desks can aid in preventative maintenance such as ensuring antivirus and antispyware are up to date. If one team member comes to them with an issue that could be affecting everyone, a help desk will spread the word.
ico flexible plans
Flexible, budget-friendly payment plans that work with your fundraising schedules and budget.

A Help Desk Can Help You Completely Optimize Your Organization’s Technology

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When tech isn’t as optimized or recent as it could possibly be, the chances of something not running as it should increases. More issues mean more money spent fixing these issues. If you pay for internal and external tech repairs on a one-off basis, costs add up quickly.
This is why so many foundations benefit from a managed service team that provides IT support to non-profits through a Help Desk.
At Varsity Technologies, we believe that just because you’re a non-profit does not mean you should be non-optimized. Supporting your mission is your purpose, let our mission be to support yours.
Varsity works with your organization to create a strategic plan to improve and manage your tech so you can focus on dedicating your time to the services you provide to your community. And you know we’ll be there for all your questions along the way.
It’s time to be proactive and consider where you want your organization to go and whether what you have now will get you there. Instead of scouring the internet for answers, a dedicated Help Desk will respond quickly and know exactly how to help you, in alignment with your company and mission, so you can get back to work quickly.

Should Non-Profits Use a Help Desk as Part of Its Managed Services?

Modern non-profit foundations and civic organizations depend on technology as a foundation for their success. Without the use of email, file sharing, digital marketing, and even adequate cybersecurity, it could be taking you so much longer to meet your mission and reach your audience.
Without the right technology to support your non-profit, you could be held back by the constraints of miscommunication, delays in operations, and straight-out impediments of having to work without an optimized system or network.

Most non-profits don’t think they have the budget or resources to ensure their technology is fully optimized. You may think you can do without or that tech is a luxury that you don’t need. There are options available to you that are essential for your non-profit organization. Not allowing for the optimization of your team or program’s technology only limits your ability to reach the organization’s goals and objectives.

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Interested in finding out more about how a managed Help Desk can help your non-profit foundation or client-based organization?

Varsity provides dedicated support to hundreds of non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the rest of California. We make it our goal to drive your organization’s success through the use of optimized technology and software.
We have a wide list of services available to every organization we work with. You choose which ones you need and we’ll help you strategically implement them within your budget and organization’s processes.
Your clients and the people you serve are important to you and you’re important to us. Let’s get the conversation started today.