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Email Security

Nearly 100% of all malware is delivered via email. Because of how easy it is for an email to be compromised, it’s typically the number one choice for cybercriminals to gain access to email accounts, passwords, and often networks and systems. The average time it takes a company or person to find out they’ve been breached is at least 200 days. Within this time period, unauthorized users can steal highly sensitive data, user accounts, financial information and so much more that could critically impact a company’s ability to recover.

Email is used to spread phishing scams, malware, and other malicious attacks. Because we’ve grown up with the habit of trusting email content, it’s easy for attackers to disguise themselves as coworkers, business partners, or applications to attract users into clicking links, “logging in” to fraudulent websites or handing over sensitive information.

As more organizations and companies take a more remote approach to work, allowing for team members to use their personal mobile devices to access and complete projects, email security becomes vital. Devices may not have the multi-layers of security that an on-site network will have, which increases the probability that a breach will not be detected.

img s2 Nearly 100 percentage of all malware is delivered via email

What is Email Security?

Email security is defined as the process of implementing different procedures and policies for ensuring the protection of email accounts, the content shared between emails and the data that may be accessible from an email account. Because most businesses and organizations rely on email as a main form of communication, hackers will take advantage of low email security and unsuspecting employees to steal sensitive information or gain access to the entire inner workings of an organization.

Organizations continue to increase their email security to intercept the prying eyes of cybercriminals, however, without the right procedures and techniques put into place, it can seem like you’re fighting a battle that you’ve already lost. Varsity Tech is adept in all email security techniques and can utilize multiple tools and strategies that are proven to maximize security and privacy while ensuring employees, students, and all team members’ experience remains smooth and user-friendly.

Varsity Will…

Create and set up email security procedures and policies to be established within the organization. These policies can be simple or more in-depth depending on the sensitive information being shared and the extent to which privacy is expected.

Set up proper email encryption procedures, which include disguising email content, recipient addresses, and attachments to protect them from being read by unauthorized users or hackers.

If necessary, set up sandboxing techniques that will analyze incoming emails and attachments in more detail.

img s4 Varsity will create and set up email security

Utilize multi-factor authentication and other authorization mechanisms to identify and authenticate users and flag unusual behavior. 

Set up email best practices to be set in place and understood by all employees and email users. These best practices will be updated frequently to keep up with recurring changes and techniques used by hackers. 

Implement a secure email gateway that will scan and process all incoming and outgoing emails for potential threats. 

Continuously review and scan for potential threats. Set up a plan of action in the event a breach is found. Take actionable steps to determine the damage caused by an attack and what is needed to recover.

Why Choose Varsity Technologies for Email Security?

Varsity Technologies is passionate about cybersecurity. We’ve dedicated years to getting into the minds of the most crafty cybercriminals so we can stay one step ahead of them. We are committed to providing all of our clients with the right tools and resources that will ensure they are optimized for full growth and scalability. Has your organization set up a cybersecurity strategy that includes email security? Let’s chat.

Our certified Information Technology (IT) experts located in the San Francisco area and across California are knowledgeable in the modern organizational setting and can easily work with any in-house and Cloud-based system or network to assure complete security. Our entire staff is friendly and approachable and available for questions extended hours of the day and to act on emergency situations at any time of the day or night.