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Single Sign-On

With this increase in employees logging in to work remotely, security has become a rising issue. Every device that is accessing corporate or organizational data should be utilizing multiple security measures to ensure complete privacy – especially when the network or internet connection may not be as impenetrable as an office network. One strong method of ensuring security when accessing data on both on-site or remote devices and desktops are the implementation and management of a Single Sign-On.

Single Sign-On, or SSO, is the usage of a single password/login authentication that provides access to multiple selected applications. It lowers the risks of using weaker passwords that are more likely to be hacked by unauthorized users. It can be integrated into local or Cloud-based networks and systems.

It’s become more complex to implement and successfully utilize an SSO because IT professionals now have the responsibility of maximizing the security of an enterprise while also making the user experience as simple and convenient as possible. 

As the Cloud becomes more popular within organizations, whether a business is small or large, providing a service or as a community resource, SSO becomes more essential. Choosing Varsity Technologies to implement SSO as part of your cybersecurity strategy can be vital to your business success – as well as ensuring compliance with standards within your industry or organization. 

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Varsity will…

Review the objectives of your organization, your SSO requirements, as well as your overall IAM program. What options make the most sense for your business and how can they be implemented to meet security demands as well as made easily changeable for future adaptations.

Determine which users have access to which applications, programs, or files. Are there any gaps within the organization where access should be limited, reworked, or developed?

Decide whether it is more convenient for your organization to have an SSO system set up onsite, through Cloud services, or a hybrid mixture of both. We will design and build an SSO architecture that meets your requirements while ensuring no security is compromised in the process.

Utilize a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach to identity confirmation, using both positive and negative signals that may determine or question a user’s identity. This means if a red flag, such as unusual behavior occurs or an IP address isn’t recognized, a user will be required to log in again or provide further authentication.

Be available, either on-site or remotely, for all SSO architecture revisions, errors, or issues that arise.

The Benefits of Single Sign-On

The major benefit of Single Sign-On for your enterprise is that it maximizes security. Users will no longer need to multiple passwords, each having to be different for every application. Instead of needing to write these down or keep them in an open desktop folder that could easily be found by the simplest of vicious malware, only one, strong password is needed. 

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Further to this, employees and team members will see an increase in productivity due to the basic fact that they will no longer need to log in multiple times each day. The SSO software will also provide them with quick-start options based on the applications and programs they have access and permissions to and which they frequently use. Users overall have a greater work experience because everything they need is streamlined and accessible without the speed bumps they may face with other intensive security procedures.

According to Gartner, about 50% of all IT Help Desk requests are due to lost or forgotten passwords. For some companies, this can cost the bottom line hundreds of dollars if it happens frequently enough. Your organization can save itself money by reducing the number of forgotten passwords that IT will need to solve – which gives them more time to focus on supporting your company’s goals where it matters most.

Make Your SSO Even More Secure With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Implementing an SSO software, managed by Varsity Tech, is an excellent option for any organization wanting to ensure protection and a streamlined and productive method of providing access to employees and staff without the need for continuous pauses due to login requirements. If your organization is within the health or education industry, or you require access to highly sensitive data, then also implementing MFA as part of your cybersecurity strategy is essential. 

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Why Choose Varsity Technologies?

Varsity Technologies is adept and passionate about cybersecurity. We’ve dedicated years to getting into the minds of the most crafty cybercriminals so we can stay one step ahead of them. We are committed to implementing all of our clients with the right tools and resources that will ensure they are optimized for full growth and scalability. Has your organization set up a cybersecurity strategy that includes strong SSO software? Let’s chat.

Our certified Information Technology (IT) experts located in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and across California are knowledgeable in the modern organizational setting and can easily work with any in-house and Cloud-based system or network to assure complete security. Our entire staff is friendly and approachable and available for questions extended hours of the day and to act on emergency situations at any time of the day or night.