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Software Code Review

If your brand or organization is working with a developer to create and application or software for use by employees or another end-user, ensuring adequate security of the program itself is critical. Developers and engineers may adapt at creating the code for the software and my promise to provide cybersecurity functionality, however, having another set of eyes review the code for weaknesses that may have been overlooked can aid in protecting your sensitive information.

Developers wil likely review their code multiple times prior to the finished product, but a third-party, especially ones versed in IT and cybersecurity, to review strictly from a cyber security perspective is a huge asset.

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What is Software Code Review?

No application is considered safe from hackers. Even the smallest of softwares with a weakness can be a target to malicious intruders who can gather lots of information about end-users and the other applications they use. Often gaining access through one software code will give an attacker further access to other interconnected platforms with the same flaws.

In a cybersecurity context, software code review is the process of using manual and automated tools to review a software or application’s source code to identify and flaws or weaknesses that may be easily targetted by cybercriminals. Although every error is not necessarily defined in detail, weaknesses and areas of concern are discovered. Developers and SaaS providers can be better equipped for ensuring their platforms are secure and those organizations obtaining a specialized application or software downloaded with access through their infrastructure will also be protected. 

What Services Does Varsity Provide?

Varsity can implement a software code review at any stage of development. Software Code Review services include:

There are seven security areas of a software of application that Varsity’s expert IT security professionals will test. Any weaknesses found in any of theses areas could become targetted by malicious attackers. Our testers will be able to decipher the integrity and strength of each of these areas through its software code review.



Data validation


Error handling


Session management

We will test each of these areas as a weakness in one can lead to a chain of flaws throughout each area. For example, issues with password security can translate into further weaknesses in the process of authorization. Through our testing and review, we will be able to input the following protections if they have not been utilized to their maximum potential.

img s4 We will test each of these areas as a weakness
  • Ensure adequate protection from SQL Injections, one of the worst and most dangerous types of malicious attacks. They are quite easy for hackers to implement using free softwares, however they are equally easy to prevent. 
  • Evauate the proper encoding of valuable data.
  • Test protection of other malicious types of Injections, such as Javascript injection, OS Command injection, and more. 
  • Ensure the proper validation of all input data prior to its use. 
  • Ensure all identities are established upfront and setting up multi-facor authentication if not put in place. It’s also important to store all passwords properly with the right algorithms for highest security. 
  • Implement access control rules such as Deny By Default. 
  • Ensure the proper logging of all timestamps and all data is stored for analysis. We will integrate measures to find and prevent Log forging attacks.

Why Choose Varsity For Your Organization’s Next Software Code Review?

Varsity Technologies has curated an expert team of IT professionals who believe there is no shortcut to proper cybersecurity for any business, large or small. We will tailor and deliver a cybersecurity solution unique to your organization and based on your specific needs. Our cybersecurity software and techniques – including Software Code Review – continue to protect hundreds of our clients across the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas and we’re excited to work with you next.

Varsity provides best-in-class service to all our clients. Our dedicated support team is here and available to provide quick and efficient advice and services so your company is always running at its best. Our trained and certified staff are fully trained in the modern workplace with a fully comprehensive understanding of Cloud-based workplace management and security.

Hoping that Varsity can help pinpoints and vulnerabilities within your networks so you can better protect your employees and clients? Let’s chat. Reach out for a conversation today.