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Zero Trust Security

As resources and workspaces become available from almost anywhere, it is no longer possible to have one complete network to secure. Businesses and organizations can work from an onsite network, through Cloud-based applications, or a hybrid combination of many networks. Employees, staff, volunteers, students, and any authorized users require access to sensitive data from any location, which makes it difficult to ensure complete confidentiality and security.

Even being authorized access once on an insecure network can lead to information being stolen and falling into the wrong hands. Continuous authorization is one solution that ensures that the person using a device or accessing specific files or information is the same person who logged in or verified themselves prior.

As part of a complete cybersecurity package focused on protecting an organization from all angles and 360 degrees, Zero Trust Security is a valuable asset to have implemented into your business.

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What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust Security is a framework in which every user within or outside (working on-site or remotely) of an organization must be authenticated and verified continuously to ensure complete authorization of access to applications, networks, servers, and more.

In today’s modern, digital world, most organizations utilize infrastructure that requires an in-depth security framework. Zero Trust Security is one of many cybersecurity tools available to businesses that can meet the security needs of protecting remote workers, hybrid workspaces, and the rising perils of ransomware and other threats.

How Does Varsity Provide Accurate Protection With Zero Trust Security

Most IT firms will offer some form of cybersecurity plan to their clients. Varsity wouldn’t offer anything below the maximum security level we expect within our own organization. The definition of Zero Trust and how it should be incorporated into a business’ security plan may vary. At Varsity, we adhere to strict standards to ensure security on par with what would be expected from government entities.

Varsity Technologies will set up a zero-trust architecture within your organization that incorporates the principles laid out in NIST SP 800-207, the most understandable, comprehensives, and universally accepted standards for Zero Trust architecture in the United States. It is also the standards that have been issued to be adhered to by all Federal Agencies by the Biden Administration in 2021.

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NIST 800-207 ensures that all users with authorization within a specific network:

  • Continuously authorized whenever a new task is started or where applicable, for all resources. With an “always verify” model, the user experience or workflow is never compromised.
  • Limit the number of “blast radius,” meaning how far an unauthorized user can go without being flagged as a breach of security or having their access revoked.

Through a comprehensive understanding of one’s organization, including services and privileged accounts, Zero Trust Security, managed by Varsity Technologies as part of a complete cybersecurity strategy, will ensure the complete protection of all valuable data and endusers.

We will:

  • Organize all unmanaged devices, legacy systems, and SaaS applications to add and incorporate adequate security measures.
  • Continue to meet your organization’s compliance requirements as well as your IT standards set out within your industry or business plan.
  • Ensure all firmware, operating systems, and necessary software are up to date and working properly.
  • Identify all users and their credentials, and the number and privileges of each credential across allowed devices.
  • Track all suspicious activity and detect any weaknesses and security issues prior to their being targeted by cybercriminals.
  • Track user activity and access, including geolocation, and gather all necessary data required to flag unauthorized users who may have found access despite of the Zero Trust architecture.
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It is important to utilize the expert skills of IT professionals adept in cyber security to ensure your IT infrastructure is properly protected from outside and internal threats, limit all potential paths that could be accessed by unauthorized users and minimize the potential for a threat to seriously harm the integrity of an organization.

Why Choose Varsity Technologies To Help Your Organization With Zero Trust Security?

Your organization can benefit immediately with the help from the IT services provided by Varsity Technologies. We can adjust our offerings to ensure we meet the needs of your unique organization. We will ensure that we help your business in transforming with the digital age, meeting every challenge that may appear as part of your optimal growth strategy.

Varsity Technologies is committed to meeting the needs of the modern business world. Whether you consider your organization tech-savvy or not, if you use a network, internet connection, or Cloud-based apps, it’s important to be ahead of your competitors as well as the schemes and tricks of cybercriminals.

Our certified Information Technology (IT) experts located in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and across California are knowledgeable in the modern educational setting and can easily work with more in-house and Cloud-based storage software to assure complete security. Our entire staff is friendly and approachable and available for questions extended hours of the day and will act on emergency situations at any time of the day or night.