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Data Encryption

As organizations and businesses continue to go completely virtual, the data being stored and shared across networks, both locally and through the Cloud, becomes increasingly susceptible to hackers and attacks. Emails are one of the most vulnerable areas that attackers will try to breach. 74% of organizations in the United States report at least one successful phishing attack each year. If data being shared online between employees, clients, patients, or students isn’t properly encrypted, organizations can lose thousands or sometimes millions of dollars – not to mention the consequences of having sensitive data stolen.

Encryption adds that extra layer of security that an email password alone can’t provide. Unprotected sensitive data can lead to fraud, identify theft, financial theft, and a list of other issues. For many liability insurance policies, too, having data encryption is a required and necessary policy to incorporate encryption as part of your cybersecurity strategy.

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What Is Data Encryption?

The steady pace of breaches that continue to target and weaken businesses, organizations, and individuals across the United States and the world has made encryption a vital first step in cybersecurity and privacy. It is not enough to implement encryption as the last defence or when a breach has already occurred. With the Cloud and other large data environments continuing to take the lead in data sharing and storage, encryption is more important than ever yet needs to be embraced by more organizations.

Data Encryption is the translation of sensitive data into another form, such as code, so that only those with permission and the unique “key” to decrypting the data can read it in its true form. Text is being transformed from plain text to ciphertext, either through asymmetric or symmetric form, which protects your data more thoroughly and is a step to ensuring compliance within your regulated industry.

There is a common misconception that only regulated industries such as education or healthcare organizations require data encryption. Whether there’s a legal obligation or not, if your non-profit or for-profit organization stores valuable data about customers, products, or anything that could be considered confidential, data encryption SHOULD ALWAYS be used.

Varsity Technologies will provide data encryption solutions to educational institutions, health care providers, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Encryption and management/control of devices, email, and all other data is a vital component of our services.

Varsity Will…

img s4 Varsity will produce a data loss prevention plan
  • We will produce a data loss prevention plan with your organization to ensure proper use and storage of your company data, especially as more workplaces allow for personal devices and Cloud applications.
  • Develop strong enough encryption keys that can not be guessed by brute force attackers. Varsity will use automated software and other techniques to prevent attacks from side-channel attacks and cryptanalysis, both increasingly used methods by cybercriminals. We will ensure there are no areas of weaknesses or flaws in your system that could unintentionally allow attackers in. 
  • Asymmetric or symmetric encryption depends on the requirements or type of data. If data is being sent across the internet with multiple parties, asymmetric data is the preferred option as it allows encryption with a public key as well as a private one. Symmetric encryption on the other hand uses one key to both lock and decrypt data. It is more often used for data storage of financial/banking and other personal information.
  • Encryption of data stored in the Cloud. We will ensure the proper storage of encryption keys. They will not be stored within the Cloud or be accessible by your Cloud provider.
  • Proper storage and management of keys where they can not be accessed by the same network as the encrypted data or in any area that could be tampered with.
  • Development of encryption policies and ensure proper acceptance and adherence by all employees or users.

Why Choose Varsity for Your Data Encryption?

Varsity Technologies are industry leaders within the IT realm. We are committed to finding and training the best and brightest minds that match our own passion for cybersecurity and modern technology. Our team is experts in data encryption methods and can set your business or organization up for an easy transition to a more secure workspace. We are available extended hours each day to respond to all questions and inquiries as quickly as possible.

Has your organization set up a cybersecurity strategy that includes data encryption? Let’s chat.

Our certified Information Technology (IT) experts located in the San Francisco area and across California are knowledgeable in the modern organizational setting and can easily work with any in-house and Cloud-based system or network to assure complete security.