Evolution of Sustainability Practices At Varsity Technologies Since 2011

Evolution of Sustainability Practices At Varsity Technologies Since 2011 Featured Image

Varsity Technologies has not only committed to sustainability but has also demonstrated a remarkable evolution in its sustainable practices over the past decade. The journey, beginning in 2011, has seen a series of strategic and impactful decisions that have significantly reduced the company’s environmental footprint, underscoring its leadership in corporate sustainability.

Moving Into A LEED Certified Building

A pivotal moment in this journey was the decision to relocate operations into a LEED-certified building. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a globally recognized green building certification program. It provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership, emphasizing a building’s performance in key areas of human and environmental health. By choosing a LEED-certified building, Varsity Technologies not only ensured a reduced impact on the environment through energy and resource efficiency but also provided a healthier and more productive workplace for its employees.

This move demonstrated a deep commitment to embedding sustainability into the very infrastructure and daily operations of the company. Occupying a LEED-certified building means that Varsity Technologies operates in a space designed to conserve water and energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a healthier environment for the community.

Modifying Water Usage

Understanding the critical importance of water conservation, Varsity Technologies collaborated with the management of their LEED-certified building to modify water usage. This involved installing low-flow fixtures, implementing efficient landscaping practices, and utilizing water recycling systems to minimize waste. These modifications significantly reduced the building’s overall water consumption, illustrating Varsity Technologies’ proactive approach to managing environmental resources more effectively.

Achieving Green Business Certification in California

Varsity Technologies’ sustainability efforts were further recognized when the company met the certification standards for a Green Business in California. The California Green Business Network leads the state in working with small to medium-sized businesses to create a vibrant, sustainable economy. To be certified, a business must demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations and take steps to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and minimize waste. Achieving this certification underscored Varsity Technologies’ commitment to exceeding standard environmental practices, showcasing their leadership in sustainability within the business community.

Reducing Carbon Footprint by 70% by 2018

By 2018, these concerted efforts had culminated in a remarkable achievement: Varsity Technologies had reduced its carbon footprint by 70%. This significant reduction was the result of comprehensive strategies, including the move to a LEED-certified building, the transition to digital operations, adoption of hybrid vehicles, promotion of hybrid work environments, and the implementation of energy and water conservation measures. This milestone not only reflected the company’s dedication to its environmental goals but also set a new standard for what is possible in corporate sustainability.


The evolution of Varsity Technologies’ sustainability practices since 2011 is a powerful demonstration of how a company can grow and innovate while significantly reducing its environmental impact. From relocating to a LEED-certified building and modifying water usage to achieving Green Business certification in California and dramatically reducing its carbon footprint, Varsity Technologies has shown that sustainable business practices are both achievable and beneficial. These efforts have not only contributed to a healthier planet but have also positioned Varsity Technologies as a leader in the movement towards a more sustainable future.