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PCI Audits

Large retail businesses and corporations are very much aware of the ins and outs of a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Audit. For those who complete more than 6 million credit card transactions per year, a PCI Audit must be completed yearly by a qualified auditor, as set out for Level 1 Business in the PCI Data Security Standards

Small businesses with much lower number of credit card transactions must also comply with PCI DSS standards, but may have more difficulty meeting requirements or understanding the scope of how to ensure continued compliance. If your organization has fewer than 20,000 e-commerce transactions in a year, your business is likely to be considered a Level 4 Business. Most often, smaller businesses wait until they’ve suffered a data breach before completing a PCU Audit (usually because it’s been required by the Security Standards Council). 

Small businesses and organizations can benefit from conducting their own PCI Audits on a regular basis to proactively prevent instances of data breaches, protect their customers information, maintain the trust of their customers, and keep costs low for their business. If your business is required to or will voluntarily conduct a PCI Audit, it can be stressful. The process, however, is simple.

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What is a PCI Audit?

A PCI Audit assesses the security of a company’s credit card processing system. It ensures that all point-of-sale systems are running effectively and in compliance with industry standards. An organization’s IT infrastructure is examined to discover whether operations meet the standard for cardholder information security.

According to PCI Compliance, Level 4 Merchants (small and medium sized businesses) have specific steps to follow to satisfy PCI DSS requirements. Varsity’s team of expert professionals will ensure proper completion of all necessary steps as laid out or which may arise through the process.

  • Complete the self-assessment Questionnaire according to the instructions it contains.
  • Complete and obtain evidence of a passing vulnerability scan with a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Note scanning does not apply to all merchants, if required.
  • Complete the relevant Attestation of Compliance in its entirety (located in the SAQ tool).
  • Submit the SAQ, evidence of a passing scan (if applicable), and the Attestation of compliance, along with any other requested documentation, to your acquirer.

PCI Audits must be completed by qualified security assessors when they are being conducted as part of PCI DSS requirement. Varsity Technologies is full adept and certified to conduct a PCI Audit for an organization as cybersecurity technicians and assessors.

What You Can Expect From a PCI Audit

As part of a complete and comprehensive PCI Audit, specialized Varsity IT techs will conduct multiple procedures to ensure compliance with PCI Data Security Standards.

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You can expect:

  • A complete evaluation of your security infrastructure, including processes, procedures, networks, and systems.
  • Conduct a risk assessment and ensure any vulnerabilities or areas of concern are prioritized accordingly.
  • Improvements to be made where necessary to ensure future compliance.
  • Network configurations to be reviewed and ensure high-security ACLs are in use.
  • If deemed necessary, the creation of a separate PCI specific network with its own security setting where only devices related to PCI are connected.
  • Complete transparency and openness to answer all questions and concerns.
  • Drafting and review of an Information Security Policy as set out by the PCI DSS, which sets out your organizations policies and procedures and their compliance with requirements.
  • Provide your staff with adequate training to provide them with the knowledge and skills for understanding requirements set out by the PCI DSS.
  • Review and implementation of a strong data encryption protocol.

Due to the ability of cyber criminals to gain access to networks, apps, and other systems from one weak entry point, it is also essential to ensure all security procedures are completely protected. Varsity can complete a vulnerability assessment, penetration test, and other security audits necessary to ensure security.

Why Choose Varsity Tech for Your Next PCI Audit?

Varsity Technologies is adept and passionate about cybersecurity. We’ve dedicated years to getting into the minds of the most crafty cybercriminals so we can stay one step ahead of them. We are committed to providing all of our clients with the right tools and resources that will ensure they are optimized for full growth and scalability. Has your organization set up a cybersecurity strategy that includes ensuring compliance with PCI DSS standard as well as a a complete PCI audit? Let’s chat.

Varsity provides best-in-class service to all our clients. Our dedicated support team is here and available to provide quick and efficient advice and services so your company is always running at its best. Our trained and certified staff are fully trained in the modern workplace with a fully comprehensive understanding of Cloud-based workplace management and security.