Your IT Strategy For The New Year


Here at Varsity, we understand that technology is instrumental in the classroom. After all, our Founder, Patrick Ciccarelli has years of experience seeing students transform their lives with technology. From increased student engagement to personalized lesson plans, technology can transform education for the better. If you’re an educator who’s curious about how technology can help your classroom or interested in getting a jump start on your technology strategy for 2022, continue reading to learn more.

Importance of Technology

How important is technology in schools? American University says it perfectly: “The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly demonstrating why online education should be a vital part of teaching and learning. By integrating technology into existing curricula, as opposed to using it solely as a crisis-management tool, teachers can harness online learning as a powerful educational tool.” Technology tools such as virtual classrooms, robots, virtual reality, and video conferencing make classes more interesting, engaging, and lively. These tools can also provide students with easy access to information as well as different opportunities to put into practice what they may have learned in a textbook or in a lab. By integrating technology into the classroom, students are ultimately prepared with the technology skills to thrive in future jobs and serve their communities.

At Varsity, we believe in the importance of technology and education. In the early 1990’s, Patrick uncovered an opportunity to help children learn by bringing technology into the classroom. He saw first-hand how technology changed his students’ relationship to learning — they were excited, engaged, and motivated. Patrick was so inspired that he created a program called the Cisco Networking Academy at San Francisco State University. The program helped students prepare for careers in the IT industry. Students who may not have considered IT were able to begin long-lasting careers throughout the Silicon Valley.

Patrick understands the value of technology and education working synergistically to empower others, which is why he started Varsity. Patrick and his team of IT experts are service-oriented first. They will work diligently to meet your current needs, achieve your goals, and deliver quality service. Let’s explore how technology can help you and your students as you look ahead to the new year.

Foster a Collaborative, Personalized Learning Environment

Whether your classroom is in-person, fully remote, or a combination of both, technology can help streamline learning. In fact, a study by McGraw Hill found that “82% of students said digital learning technology allows them to spend more time studying through increased accessibility.” Teachers can create lesson plans based on student interests, strengths, and challenges. Students can learn at their own pace, upload assignments, and review the lessons on their own devices. Then, teachers can review their activities and assignments and note where students may need more assistance.

Technology can also allow for increased collaboration and communication from a teacher to student level, as well as a student-to-student level. From learning games and online lessons, students can work together to solve problems, share thoughts, and support each other. Students can also communicate directly with their teachers by asking questions or seeking help when needed.

Create Engaging Learning Content

In a world of social media, videos, and memes, it’s difficult to keep students engaged. For learning to happen, students need to be curious and engaged. That’s where technology comes in. Through creative lessons, students can utilize technology to engage with the learning material. For example, teachers can set up a pen pal exchange via email through a service like Pen Pal Schools to allow students to communicate with others around the world. This experience allows students to practice their writing, while also learning about another culture.

Are you interested in software support, but don’t know where to begin? Varsity can be your trusted partner in all things tech. We can support a variety of applications, programs, software, and video technologies or simply find the best solution for your school. Learn more about our services.

Improve Teacher Productivity and Efficiency

Teachers can increase productivity and efficiency by utilizing collaboration tools such as Groupware or with various cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. These important tools make tedious work like filing and reporting more manageable. Teachers can share materials with other colleagues or students and their families. Schools can also benefit by reducing costs in physical materials and automating tasks with technology.

If you’re interested in leveraging cloud technology, look no further than Varsity. We can provide Cloud Infrastructure components and management — from hardware and virtual machines to storage and network resources. We can also support a variety of platforms at the lowest cost possible. Find out more about our cloud services.

Stay Safe Online

As technology increases in the classroom, it’s critical to stay secure and keep your data protected from hackers. Security Info Watch reports that “the methods used by attackers are sophisticated, and attacks against the [education] industry are increasingly aggressive. From ransomware to malware, headlines with the latest breaches and threats (like the Blackbaud hack) are strewn across the news.” The education sector is particularly vulnerable because of the range of private and personal information they store.

When it comes to security services, Varsity is top-notch. We give you a framework for cybersecurity so you can learn which services will give you the best protection. The three levels of ThreatWatch build on each other to support growth and greater impact, so you can scale up as your needs change. Learn more about our customized security services.

Connect With Varsity

However you decide to implement technology in your classroom, Varsity can help. Technology should help drive your students’ success — not hinder it. We will always work diligently to find the best solution for your technology needs. What’s more, social impact is in our DNA — Varsity was founded to help create social impact with technology. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you choose or customize the right solution for your school.