Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Scale up your organization to the Cloud.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Scale up your organization to the Cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure is a term used to describe the components needed for cloud computing, which includes hardware, virtual machines, storage, and network resources. To host services and applications in the cloud, you need cloud infrastructure and management.

Your Infrastructure Needs to be Managed

When you move into Azure or AWS you no longer have servers to manage, you have a specialized application that still needs support.

We don’t mind where the infrastructure is hosted – our facility, Azure, AWS, or elsewhere, we can still manage it for you.

Adapting Solutions to Meet Evolving Needs

OneCloud evolved from us helping clients manage, support, and scale-up their legacy applications.

OneCloud gives you a clear and easy path to getting out of on-prem and into the cloud.

OneCloud: A Private, Cloud-Hosting Service

A holistic approach at low prices

We’re Cloud Agnostic

Whether you’re in AWS or Azure, and have some data or apps on site, we can support you on both platforms as well as hybrid environments.

Our agnostic approach allows us to be more holistic and meet a broader range of  needs.

Competitive Pricing

A subscription-based model, for those who prefer not to host their services in public entities.

Provides the best offering at the lowest cost possible, even when compared with Enterprise services like Azure and AWS.

Strategy Icon

Strategy and Execution: Proactive Problem Solving

Strategy is a core element of every product and solution. As your strategic partner,
we have to get to know you and understand your challenges and your environment
before we can suggest and create viable options.

Let Us Create a Solution that Works Best for You

We find the best solution to address your specific needs, even if it’s not one of ours.
Contact us to learn more about how we can a customize a solution to
meet your strategy and your budget.