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In the modern marketplace, social impact extends beyond the nonprofit sector. Organizations from a wide range of industries are now embracing the importance of being socially responsible and effecting social change through CSR programs, grants, and other initiatives.

At Varsity Technologies, social impact is part of our DNA. How we operate internally and externally is a reflection of our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into our organization and into the work we perform for our clients. Your success, we believe, is best achieved with the help of technology designed with intention.

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What makes Varsity Technologies different?

Proven Technology Strategy

Technology should help drive your organizational success, not hinder it. This requires strong collaboration and solid partnership. Our strategy is to adapt, evolve, and continuously improve, so we can better serve you and the communities you serve.

Dedicated Support

We understand your dedication to the clients and causes you serve. We can help measure your impact with metrics that matter, and ensure your technology keeps evolving to maximize that impact.

A Committed Partner

We help our partners manage their operations, not just to take problems off their hands. Our goal is to empower our clients in making well-informed decisions and strategic choices.

Customers we service

We’ve helped companies from various industries fulfill their vision and mission through technology

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Service Automation

Data Science

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We work relentlessly to serve our clients

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Taking Action on Climate Change

We've always made a priority to be good stewards to the environment and lower our carbon footprint. It started with in 1997 with bicycling to client offices and being an earlier adopter in 2010 of allowing remote work to reduce carbon footprint. Today we've gone much further by aggressively leading in Carbon Neutral. Our goal is to be carbon negative by 2030.

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