The State of Remote Entering 2023

remote work

With remote work now more of the norm, what will the state of the workforce look like in 2023? Before the pandemic, data from NCCI showed that “only 6% of the employed worked from home and about 75% of workers had never worked from home.” Now, Upwork predicts that 22% of the American workforce will be remote by 2025. With more companies and organizations shifting to a fully remote or hybrid work environment, there are several key technology tools we recommend to support your team and keep your business secure from anywhere.

Let’s dive into what your organization needs to stay productive, secure, and efficient in 2023.


Cybersecurity threats will continue to be a top concern this year. A recent Forbes article predicts increases in business email attacks, malware and ransomware threats, and even cryptocurrency scams. Ensure your team is prepared with proper cybersecurity awareness training, as well as security tools like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), cloud protection, email security, and anti-ransomware. Remember that your human firewall is just as important as your regular firewall, and that a multi-layered security defense is more effective than a single solution. It may also be beneficial to create remote security policies around device and network usage, passwords, and data sharing.

If your organization is interested in leveling up your security defense to support your remote or hybrid workforce, Varsity can help. We offer three levels of security solutions that build on each other so you can scale up as your needs change. From cybersecurity training and email security to vulnerability assessments and secure authentication, Varsity can help your team stay secure. Learn more about our managed security services.

Cloud Infrastructure

Secure and reliable cloud solutions are necessary for efficient productivity and collaboration when your team works remotely. The cloud computing industry is already booming, and it’s expected to continue to grow. “The long-term hybrid work model is driving demand for cloud-based productivity technologies, along with collaboration tools,” according to Gartner. We will also see cloud trends in sustainability, AI, and more.

Has your organization scaled up to the cloud? Whether you haven’t made the switch, or if you’re questioning if your current cloud solutions are right for you, Varsity can help. We have extensive experience offering cloud services. Our cloud solutions will enable your workforce to enjoy secure systems and data, minimize downtime, easily access files, and seamlessly collaborate from anywhere. Read more about our cloud solutions.

Communication Solutions

With any remote team, communication is key to success. Ensure your team stays in touch with the right technology tools — from messaging applications to video conferencing tools. It’s also important to note that remote work environments can feel more isolated and disconnected from a traditional, in-person environment. The Harvard Business Review wrote an excellent article on this subject. While technology cannot replace in-person connections, the right tools allow your team to stay connected virtually. You may even want to consider virtual work events such as game nights or virtual happy hours to build camaraderie and connection.

With so much communication going on, it’s important to have an IT expert available to ensure every glitch or hold-up is taken care of promptly without any business disruptions or security risks. We offer VarsityVoice for this reason, which provides a 100% cloud-based VoIP voice management solution that removes the need for telephone companies and expensive hardware. Your organization can save money, increase efficiency, and continue operating smoothly. Read more about our communication solutions.

Support Your Remote Team With Varsity

Remote work is here to stay. Whether your organization has made the transition to remote work, Varsity is here to support you. From cloud management and security solutions to communication services and application support, we have the expertise and knowledge to help your team stay productive, organized and, above all, secure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to customizing the right technology solutions for your team.