Tech For Social Good


As the world continues to change and evolve, technology is becoming increasingly valuable. Innovators are using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges — from combating climate change to ensuring access to clean water. Technology can be particularly beneficial for nonprofits, which is why Varsity is so passionate about helping nonprofits achieve more through the strategic use of technology. In fact, a recent article from Forbes indicates that “70% of nonprofit digital teams have grown over the past three years.” Here are a few key ways to make tech for social good:

Increase Efficiency

Manual, paper-based processes are a thing of the past. Not only are they labor intensive, they’re also wasteful for the environment. In turn, using technology for automation processes will save both time and money, allowing your team to focus on more important things such as fundraising, serving, and building community. Automation processes can include recording volunteer hours, automating emails, or organizing contact lists.

If you’re looking for assistance when it comes to these automation processes, Varsity can help. We offer flexible and customizable IT management and support whether you’re ready to fully outsource your IT needs or prefer to work collaboratively to solve the technology problems you’re facing. Varsity can offer everything from IT operations management to help desk support. Learn more about our managed IT services.

Communicate Effectively

Technology is a useful tool to communicate effectively, especially as we all continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. For nonprofits, electronic communication can be beneficial in many ways, including communicating successes, emailing recurring newsletters with updates, and creating invites for important events. Nonprofits can also use technology to extend their communication reach with a well-built website, a social media presence, and a marketing strategy. In fact, the Giving Report found that 29% of people consider social media to be the communication tool that most inspires giving. Social media, combined with a strong website and a marketing strategy, can draw more like-minded supporters to your organization and increase your impact.

Varsity provides a variety of services to help your nonprofit’s communication. One of the best ways to make communication and collaboration easier within your organization is to move your data to the cloud. Varsity offers managed cloud services for this reason. We’re cloud agnostic, too — so, whether you’re using Amazon Web Services or Azure, or have some data or apps on site, we can support you on both platforms as well as hybrid environments. Varsity also offers managed voice services to optimize your voice traffic. There is no longer a need for expensive, traditional phone lines that cost your organization. Varsity offers voice services completely through the cloud with no dependency on phone carriers or physical hardware.

Protect Valuable Information

Similar to for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations must be concerned with risks. According to the 2021 Open Data Project, 27% of nonprofits have experienced a cyberattack. Nonprofits have responsibility to protect important information and a strong cybersecurity defense can help. While there may be a sense of “technology fatigue,” hackers surely aren’t fatigued and cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated. Having cybersecurity defense in place is important to mitigate any negative effects cybercrimes can cause.

Varsity can be a trusted partner in your cybersecurity defense with our managed security services. We will give your organization a framework for cybersecurity so you can learn which services give you the best protection. The three levels of security build on each other so you can scale up as your needs change.

Technology can be used for good, especially for nonprofit organizations. When it comes to integrating technology into the nonprofit sector, “it’s about strategic use of technology that lets the organization increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its work and the impact on its mission,” as stated in a Yale Insights article. At Varsity, we believe in this, too — technology should help drive your organization’s success, not hinder it. We’ll serve as your trusted IT partner to adapt, evolve, and continuously improve so we can better serve you and the communities you serve. Contact us today to see how we can customize a technology solution to meet your needs and budget.