5 Myths About Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a trendy topic in the tech space, and for good reason. Many businesses and organizations have adopted digital practices, and as we move into 2023, we will continue to see even more transformation occur in all aspects of business. It’s truly an exciting time!

Salesforce defines digital transformation as “the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. As we move from paper to spreadsheets to smart applications for managing our business, we have the chance to reimagine how we do business — how we engage our customers — with digital technology on our side.” Digital transformation has the power to simplify business processes, improve the customer experience, aid productivity, drive growth, and more.

As you review your digital transformation strategy, it’s important to consider any misconceptions that may arise. Here, we will explore five myths about digital transformation so your organization can have a better understanding of what you can really accomplish with the help of a robust digital strategy.

Myth #1: Digital transformation will hurt your organization’s budget.

Despite what you may assume, digital transformation does not need to be expensive. We understand that budgets are a top concern for any business or organization, especially given the state of our economy. Nonprofits are particularly hesitant to make the transition to a more digital environment due to tighter budget constraints and limited resources. With any technology-related business decision, we recommend implementing what works for your business, and yours alone. Gradual, strategic digital improvements are typically more successful, manageable, and affordable than attempting to overhaul your entire business.

Myth #2: Digital transformation is only for enterprises.

This statement could not be further from the truth. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations can equally benefit from digital transformation. In fact, recent studies have shown that small businesses that “embrace digital transformation see 8 times more revenue than those who don’t.” Having a clear understanding of your budget and needs will help your organization make the best decisions.

Myth #3: Digital transformation is all about technology.

The Harvard Business Review wrote a poignant article on this subject. It’s easy to think that digital transformation is all about technology, but it’s more about rethinking the bigger picture. The article discusses companies who experienced successful digital transformations and noted why: “Digital transformation worked for these organizations because their leaders went back to the fundamentals: they focused on changing the mindset of its members as well as the organizational culture and processes before they decide what digital tools to use and how to use them. What the members envision to be the future of the organization drove the technology, not the other way around.” Allow your organization’s goals and objectives to drive your digital transformation strategy, and you will be set up for success.

Myth #4: What works for some will work for all.

There is no “cookie cutter” approach to digital transformation — your digital strategy will be as unique as your organization. Your organization must examine why you need to become digital and how your digital strategy will support your goals. Above all, your digital strategy should help solve unique problems and better serve your community. Carsten Bruhn, President and CEO for Ricoh North America, recommends the following: “Consider investing in focus groups, establishing communities, seeking input and truly listening to the results. Leverage these insights to know what problem you need to solve and stay committed. Doing so can bring the most value to your organization, your team and your customers.”

Myth #5: Digital transformation is a quick process.

Your organization will not digitally transform over night. Remember that a successful, strategic transformation process takes time and should never be rushed. It’s important to prepare for ups and downs, and even several disruptions along the way. But, the journey will be worth it, as long as you continually come back to your why.

Transform Your Organization With Varsity

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