What Our Clients Are Saying


We would not be where we are today without our incredible clients who entrust their organization’s technology with us. For over 25 years, Varsity has aspired to serve as the go-to IT team for organizations in California and throughout the country. Our CEO and Founder, Patrick Ciccarelli harnessed his IT skills as a teacher in the San Francisco public school system to build the foundation that Varsity is today.

Here at Varsity, we have seen the need and opportunity to energize nonprofits by freeing them from the constraints, costs, and inconsistencies of an in-house IT department. We understand that nonprofits want to be focused on their mission, rather than their IT problems. That’s where we come in! Varsity can help anticipate IT services that your nonprofit needs or will need. Learn more about the nonprofit communities we serve.

Whether your organization needs security services, cloud infrastructure, or IT support, we are here to help. Our goal is to empower you to make strategic decisions and choices. We will always strive to better serve you and the communities you serve.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! Let’s highlight a few recent client testimonials:

  1. 4Cs Sonoma County

4Cs Sonoma County is a multi-service community-based organization providing childcare support and services to families in the Sonoma County area. For this client, we manage their IT needs. We are also involved in their cybersecurity projects and purchasing initiatives.

When asked about why 4Cs chose Varsity, their Public Policy Director said: “4Cs is mainly state funded and we have to go out to bid and get at least 3 bids every 3 years. Varsity had the strongest proposal, and they work with nonprofits like ours.”

Here’s what 4Cs had to say about our work: “Varsity has increased their on-site support to meet our changing needs. They sent an on-site technician to assess a new space when we were expanding space. Their helpdesk is always responsive and timely. We have monthly meetings with the client success manager to discuss ongoing and future needs.”

  1. Goldman Environmental Foundation

The Goldman Environmental Foundation recognizes and honors the world’s foremost grassroots environmental activists. We are responsible for managing the foundation’s IT.

When asked about the challenges the foundation was facing before our partnership, the Deputy Director said: “Goldman Environmental was having numerous challenges with their current IT provider. [The challenges ranged from] lack of response to not being able to solve some of the ongoing IT issues [we were] facing. We then hired Varsity.”

Here is the feedback the Goldman Environmental Foundation gave us after working with them: “Varsity Technologies has provided much quicker solutions than prior to their engagement. They are also responsive and resourceful with their work, despite having to work remotely. Overall, they are highly praised for their sense of accountability and how they integrate the client’s feedback.”

  1. San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project

The San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project is a community-based pretrial services agency that has been in operation for over 45 years. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including arranging in-custody release, diversion, owner-cognizant court teams, and more.

Since this organization collects sensitive criminal justice data, they were looking for ways to use technology to manage data and track outcomes. Varsity has been managing this organization’s entire technology platform. We have also been tracking outcomes such as case management services, releases, public safety court appears, and more.

When the CEO was asked what was most impressive about Varsity, this is what he said: “We appreciate their responsiveness. Also, they’ve demonstrated a wide range of knowledge on the technology we use even though we’re a specialized industry. Overall, they’re good people, and we appreciate them as partners, collaborators, and effective problem solvers.”

We thank all the organizations who took the time to leave a review. We are so grateful for the feedback. These testimonials not only help our team improve, but they also help potential clients decide if Varsity may be the right fit for them. If you haven’t already, we would appreciate your review. It simply takes 10 minutes of your time and gives back to all! We thank you for your time and look forward to continuing to help you achieve more through the strategic use of technology.