Serving NonProfits

What is a “Not-for-profit”?

Altruistic charities epitomize the best of San Francisco, the best of the Bay Area and the best of our country. They give an approach to individuals to cooperate for the benefit of all, changing common convictions and expectations right into it. They offer shape to our boldest dreams, most noteworthy standards, and noblest causes. America’s 1.3 million altruistic not-for-profits feed, recuperate, cover, instruct, motivate, edify, and support individuals of each age, sexual orientation, race, and financial status, from one coast to another, line to line, and past. They encourage metro commitment and administration, drive monetary development, and fortify the texture of our networks. Each and every day.

Since its origin, Varsity Tech has aspired to be the go to IT team for Nonprofits in San Francisco, the State of California and throughout the country.  Since Patrick harnessed his IT skills as a teacher in the San Francisco public school system, Varsity Tech has seen the need and opportunity to energize Nonprofits and free them from the constraints, costs and inconsistencies of an inhouse IT department.  Nonprofits want to be focused on their mission, and hand the IT issues to a dedicated team that has seen it all and can help anticipate IT services that your nonprofit needs or will need.  Varsity Tech’s services are not limited to Nonprofits but Nonprofits were certainly the initial focus and beneficiaries of our services.

Varsity Tech’s can help your Nonprofit too.  Take a look at the type of Nonprofits we serve throughout the greater Bay Area:

Learn more about the Varsity Tech team and how their many IT services can benefit your nonprofit.  Isn’t time you stepped up to the Varsity team? Contact us Today!