Varsity Volunteers – Coastal Cleanup Day


Varsity staff and family got involved in the California Coastal Cleanup. In conjunction with other B Corps as part of the San Francisco Bay Area B Local, folks came together to support the cleanup of a Bay Area coastline.

In a lesser known part of San Francisco sits the India Basin Shoreline Park. Part of San Francisco Parks and Recreation, India Basin is located in the Hunters Point neighborhood on the edge of the old Hunters Point Naval Shipyard now reclaimed as part of a redevelopment project.

India Basin Park isn’t large and doesn’t have any notable landmarks. But it is in a serene location providing refuge for birds and other small animals. In addition, it may be one of a few parks that hasn’t been overrun with people.

San Francisco Park and Recreation also gets credit for maintaining the park well. Children’s structures are in good condition and various plants like succulents are maintained.

Even with a well maintained park, it still had its share of garbage and debris to collect. Some of that debris having been amassed some time ago by the looks of it. With some education from the good people from San Francisco Baykeeper, we understood that whatever lines the shores will eventually run into the Bay. So even the smallest amount of non-biodegradable debris can harm the ecosystem.

Thanks to all the other volunteers that came up to help clean up the park!