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Tech For Good: Navigating Microsoft AI For Nonprofits

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Join us on Wednesday, December 6th at 11:00AM-Noon (Pacific Time)

Are you ready to elevate your Microsoft 365 experience? Join us on December 6th at 11:00 AM (Pacific) for a live webinar where we delve deeper into the world of AI. Microsoft Copilot refers to Microsoft's AI companion, which spans all of Microsoft's applications and experiences, including M365, Windows 11, Edge, and Bing. With Copilot, you can customize it to align with your organization's unique mission.


Upcoming Event: December 6, 2023 @ 11:00AM (Pacific Time)

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What Attendees Can Expect:

Expert Tips & Key Benefits: Gain insights into the fundamentals of Microsoft AI. We’ll cover the basics, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the key features that are available. 

Get The Most Out of Your M365: Learn how to seamlessly integrate Microsoft AI into your current M365 experience. Discover practical ways to optimize your workflow and boost efficiency with Varsity. 

Next Steps To Launch Copilot: Attendees will have the chance to request a consultation to work with Varsity to launch Copilot for their organization. Special demos and discounts are available. 

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