The Client Journey


Here at Varsity, we’re a firm believer that technology should help drive your organizational success — not hinder it. Your organization is doing amazing things, and we want to enable you to achieve more through the strategic use of technology. As a trusted IT service provider in the San Francisco Area for over 25 years, Varsity serves Social Impact organizations across the non-profit, education, and social impact business sector. Our team has a proven success rate and can help anticipate IT services that your nonprofit needs or will need. Read on to learn about the client journey!

What’s more? Varsity has been a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) since 2012. We are committed to social justice, sustainability, community, and equity in corporate governance. From establishing an electric vehicle fleet to creating a carbon neutral data center, we are committed to using business as a force for good.

Our client relationships are paramount to our business; in fact, they are the foundation, and we exist to serve them every day. We’re proud to report that our client feedback score averages 96.8! For this reason, we are continually working to ensure an optimal customer experience. Salesforce even reported that 80% of customers consider their experience with a company to be as important as its products (or, in our case, services.) Feedback from our customers helps guide our improvements and teaches us how to grow with great organizations that are making lasting impacts.

We have since developed a client journey that is a proven process for delivering IT excellence and creating impact for organizations. We wanted to detail the steps here and explain why each step is needed to nurture a collaborative partnership and develop a clear roadmap to success.

Step 1: Initial Discussion

We begin with an initial discussion to understand your organization — the community you serve, your mission impact, and your overall goals. As your strategic partner, we want to get to know you and understand your challenges before we can suggest and create viable options.

Step 2: Overall Strategy and Current Environment

We will then discuss your overall technology strategy and examine your current technology environment. This may include applications, infrastructure, and hardware. We will see where there may be gaps or rarely used technology and make recommendations accordingly. The technology strategy piece comes next. We believe your technology strategy should align with your organization’s short and long-term goals, and we will be sure of that before moving on the next step in the client journey.

Step 3: Confirm Objectives

Setting clear, defined objectives ensures any technology we implement will align with your organization’s goals. This article from Linkedin details many reasons why business goals and IT strategy must align. Benefits include increased profitability, better customer experiences, improved collaboration, and more. Simply put, when strategic IT measures are in place, you will spend less time on your IT and more time on your mission.

Step 4: Presentation of Solution

Our team will present an IT services proposal to your organization that will outline all the details you need to know. It will detail our services and outline costs so there are no surprises when it comes to your budget.

Step 5: Varsity and Client Agreement

Once the proposed solution is agreed upon, we will draft up an agreement. As always, there is room to change or alter anything we discuss. We want to make sure we are on the same page before implementing any technology service.

Step 6: Onboarding Phase

With agreements in place, we can begin the onboarding phase. This process can vary based on the type of services you decide to implement. Rest assured that regardless of the onboarding process, our team will provide top-notch service and make sure your team is well-prepared. Thinking about bypassing this step? Think again! Forbes details the importance of effective onboarding.

Step 7: Strategy and Support

From IT support for your staff to cloud app support, we’ll be there every step of the way. We will also continue to grow and adapt as your needs change. We believe in continuously evolving and improving so we can better serve you and the communities you serve.

Work With Varsity

Are you ready to collaborate with Varsity on a journey that is proven to be successful? Contact us today. We will work tirelessly to research an appropriate solution for your needs — even if it’s outside our wheelhouse. We look forward to finding ways to see how technology can further your mission impact.