Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation has become a trendy buzzword in the tech space, especially as we navigate a post-pandemic world. For nonprofits who have been traditionally slow adopters of technology, shifting to a completely digital space may seem quite overwhelming at first. Varsity is here to change that. At its core, digital transformation involves re-examining your organization’s processes and strategically using technology to support them. It’s about making technology work for your organization, rather than against it — allowing your organization to spend more time on your mission.

Interestingly, there’s data that shows how impactful digital transformation can be for organizations of all sizes and industries. For example, 79% of SMBs found that implementing automation solutions saved time and money. Additionally, cloud solutions allow nonprofits to reduce operation costs by 50% — a huge competitive advantage. With limited budgets and technology support, how exactly can nonprofits go about transforming their organization digitally? Continue reading to learn a few top ways your organization can use technology to grow, better serve your communities, and increase your mission impact.

Streamline Communication

Online engagement and communication are two of the best ways to build community. This may involve regularly emailing your community and donors, actively posting on social media, and hosting video calls. Internally, streamlined communication can look like secure messaging among your team and volunteers, as well as collaborating more effectively on projects in real-time. All of these initiatives can completely transform your organization — from increasing productivity among your team to improving engagement within your community.

Utilize The Cloud

If your organization operates remotely in any way, adopting cloud solutions is the most effective way to manage your data, collaborate on projects, and stay secure. With the right cloud technology, your team can access important documents and data anytime, anywhere. Cloud infrastructure can be challenging to navigate though, as it involves hardware, virtual machines, storage, and network resources. Your organization must also decide whether you will be supported via a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Your security needs, as well as your data back-up and recovery needs should be considered with any cloud-based solution.

Embrace Automation

Automation tools are excellent ways to improve your internal and external processes, save time, and scale your organization. In fact, research conducted by McKinsey found that banks using tech automation were able to improve their productivity by 50%. Automation can be used in a variety of ways such as expanding your donor outreach, keeping track of your accounting and budgeting, marketing your organization, and more. TechSoup outlines several applications nonprofits can use to maximize their “smart tech” usage.

Maximize Your Data

Using data to drive your organization’s top-level decisions is what differentiates a successful organization from a not-so-successful one. Your organization can start by reviewing and cleaning up your current data by determining what needs to be collected, how it will be collected and organized, and what you will use it for. From there, you can more easily find the best data management solutions to collect, manage, and report on your key data metrics.

Connect With A Trusted MSP

All of the technology initiatives outlined here can be difficult to achieve without a trusted IT partner by your side. If you’re interested in working with a Managed IT Service provider, consider Varsity. We have the tech expertise and the nonprofit industry experience to help your organization make a smooth transition to a digital environment — all with your needs and goals in mind. From cloud infrastructure to cybersecurity services, we provide a range of technology solutions for mission-driven organizations. Learn more about our story or reach out to us today! We look forward to helping your organization make greater impact through the use of technology.