Varsity Celebrates B-Corp Month

celebrating b corp month

Varsity is thrilled to be celebrating B Corp Month! This is an annual celebration that takes place every March, dedicated to highlighting and promoting the values and practices of B Corporations around the world. B Corps are businesses and organizations that are certified to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Celebrating B Corp Month is an opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world, while also inspiring others to join the movement. It’s a time to share success stories, recognize achievements, and strengthen the community of B Corps around the world. Since 2012, we have served as a proud B Corp member. We have been honored over the years with several awards — from the “Best of the World” Governance Honoree for our commitment to exemplary governance practices to the “Best of the World” Workers Honoree for our employee-friendly practices. As we celebrate B Corp Month, we take this time to reflect on the B Corp commitments and themes that drive our business.


One of the key themes of B Corp Month is impact. B Corps are required to meet rigorous standards in areas such as worker treatment, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. By measuring and reporting on their impact, B Corps demonstrate their commitment to making a positive difference in the world and using their business for good.

During B Corp Month, many B Corps use this opportunity to showcase their impact and share their stories. They may share data on their environmental footprint, highlight their efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, or showcase their community outreach programs. By sharing their impact, B Corps can inspire others to join the movement and demonstrate the power of using business as a force for good.

Here at Varsity, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace. For example, we recognize the gender inequality issues in the tech industry and strive to empower women. Because of this, encouraging women in technology and leadership positions is just one of the many ways we hope to bridge this inequality gap.


Another important theme of B Corp Month is collaboration. B Corps are part of a global community of businesses that share a commitment to using business as a tool for positive change. During B Corp Month, B Corps have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, share best practices, and build relationships. This can lead to new partnerships, innovative solutions to common challenges, and a stronger community of businesses working together to create a better world.

We are fortunate to collaborate with industry-leading partners and community-driven clients every single day. We help a variety of organizations strengthen their mission with the right technology solutions to drive impact and increase awareness. Although our services are not limited to nonprofits, we’ve chosen them as the initial beneficiaries of our services. We enjoy collaborating with nonprofit organizations and helping them achieve their mission.


B Corps everywhere are committed to sustainable business practices, which is especially important to us. Our priority has always been to be good stewards to the environment and lower our carbon footprint whenever possible. In 1997, what started with bicycling to client offices turned into allowing remote work in 2010 — all in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Today we’ve gone much further by aggressively leading in carbon neutral. In fact, our goal is to be carbon negative by 2030. We are also proud to be a California Certified Green Business and have a LEED Certified Office Building. These recognitions showcase our dedication to sustainable technology practices. Sustainable technology systems truly are the future, and Varsity is paving the way.

Varsity’s B Corp Commitment

B Corp Month is a time to celebrate the impact, collaboration, and sustainability efforts of B Corps around the world. Our jointly held goals around People, Planet, and Profit keeps us committed to using our business for good in everything that we do — from our hiring processes to our business decisions. The Varsity Way (inspired by the B Corp community!) serves as our foundation and helps us carry our mission-driven philosophy and purpose in how we work with our clients. We look forward to celebrating the power of business to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all!