Education Trends to Watch This New Year


The education industry continues to be met with new ideas, growth opportunities, and challenges. From the rise in hybrid learning environments to the continued adoption of technology resources in the classroom, 2023 is predicted to be an exciting year for educators.

For higher education institutions, this time is particularly pivotal. Given shifting student demographics, college closings, enrollment concerns, and economic unease, colleges and universities must lean into their value and think differently to stay afloat during these evolving times. Here, we will discuss several important education trends to watch as we head into the New Year so your institution can prepare accordingly and enhance your student experience.

Online and Hybrid Education

Although many institutions have shifted back to in-person learning, the pandemic changed online learning for the better. Now, there is a continued push to offer more online learning opportunities. Online and hybrid education offers students many benefits and allows institutions to remain flexible and expand their outreach. Fierce Education notes that “online education is more favorable to many students, as it provides more flexibility for students’ busy lives and many responsibilities, as well as agency over their educational goals and experience.”

Moving curriculum online requires the right digital learning management system. In order to remain competitive and provide courses for every type of learner, digital platforms should be easy to use and mobile friendly. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding what’s best for your institution. Consider partnering with a trusted managed IT provider like Varsity who has the education industry knowledge and tech expertise to recommend the best technology solutions for your institution. Learn more.

Immersive Education Experiences

The rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and e-games will affect the education industry. There is interesting data that supports digital games leading to stronger learning outcomes. In one survey, 87% of K-12 teachers found their students more engaged with “purposeful play.” Additionally, research from Inside Higher Ed concluded that adults who “play online games report higher levels of adaptability, communication and resourcefulness and may even have better career prospects.”

Integrating these technology tools in the classroom will not be a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Educators should consider their student population, learning outcomes and goals, and technology resources when deciding what might work best. Varsity can always offer a helping hand to support agile, innovative, and reliable technology solutions for your students.

Programming Changes

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 43% of 2021 high school graduates enrolled in four-year universities or colleges. That percentage has only decreased over the past year. How will your institution support students who may not want to attend a traditional four-year college? Career focused and technical-based programs may be the answer. Offering a variety of ways for students to learn specific skills such as welding, engineering, and coding can provide students with more tangible career paths. Institutions may even consider partnering with local businesses to offer students job shadowing opportunities and internships to further support their career readiness.

How Varsity Supports Education

This year brings many exciting opportunities for educators around the world. The right technology can support your initiatives and your students every step of the way. If your institution is seeking flexible technology that enables educators to be more responsive and agile, consider Varsity Tech.

We offer cost-effective education technology solutions to support your learning environments, from classrooms to labs and beyond. Our main goal is to enhance your students’ learning experiences, so our team will work with you to analyze your budget and procure highly adaptable technology tools. Contact us today!