Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10? I recently received an email from a family member asking if they should upgrade to Windows 10. Up to that point, I hadn’t spent much time looking at Windows 10 thinking that I’ll wait for some major update before I use. But I thought about it and decided that there are probably many folks curious about the quality and experience of Windows 10 given that it is free.

So, I’ve jumped right in.

When I did the upgrade of Windows 8, I wrote previously about my experience and commented that I liked the new interface and many of the other features. What I didn’t comment on was the upgrade process. It was a bit tricky (especially on my Macbook Air) and I thought this could take some effort for a non-technical person. Honestly, it could be downright frustrating.

With Windows 10 upgrade I was prepared for some tricky steps. Typical things like software not working, drivers needing to be updated… you can probably imagine the possibilities.

Let me say this: Windows 10 upgrade process is the smoothest software upgrade I’ve ever experienced.

I was surprised. I had recently upgraded a Mac to the latest version of OS X and I found the Windows 10 Upgrade to be a better experience. From the download all the way through to the first use.

In my upgrade, I did have to follow-up to install the boot camp drivers for my Air, but that only provided the keyboard controls I was missing for sound, backlit keyboard, and the screen brightness. Everything else just worked and all my settings were kept.

It was an impressive improvement. If you are thinking about the upgrade to Windows 10, I wouldn’t hesitate. And the improvements you see in Windows 10 over Windows 8 are well worth it. More on that subject in a future blog.

Some screenshots of the upgrade process:

Good luck!