Integrating The Right-Sized IT Approach


When it comes to integrating the right IT approach in the nonprofit sector, it’s important to utilize strategic solutions to ensure your organization makes the most impact. But how do you know which technology solutions are right for your nonprofit? With these helpful tips and trends, along with Varsity’s trusted team of IT professionals by your side, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a greater mission impact with technology.

Technology options can be overwhelming, leaving your organization unsure where to even begin. Evaluating your organizational needs and identifying the correct technology solutions to satisfy those needs are strategic ways to see what may work best for you. Moving to a trusted managed IT service provider like Varsity can be a great way to start this evaluation process, saving your team time and money. Good managed IT providers “flatten costs, increase security, and reduce outages,” as noted in a recent Forbes article on nonprofit tech trends. At Varsity, we’re a unique managed IT service provider — social impact is in our DNA, and we were founded to help create social impact through the use of technology. This basic, yet defining goal is still the same today, which allows us to be your trusted ally in all things tech. Read more on why we’re so passionate about helping nonprofits.

At Varsity, we also understand resources are tight and your team is stretched thin. That’s why it’s important to ensure the technology you use allows your team to make the best use of their time. This is where automation processes, artificial intelligence, and virtual assistants can be beneficial for tasks such as reporting, automated emailing, and managing contact lists. These tools not only save time, they also increase efficiency and, in turn, allow your team to focus on more meaningful work. If you’re interested in exploring the right IT approach for automation processes, Varsity can help. We offer a variety of managed IT services designed with nonprofits in mind to be fully customizable with flexible pricing.

Another important technology solution to consider is the cloud. Outdated legacy systems and hardware are becoming expensive to run and maintain. Moving to the cloud offers nonprofits inexpensive and effective IT solutions all in one place, such as messaging services and collaboration tools. “Data stored in the cloud is also less vulnerable to threats like hardware failures or outages,” as stated in a recent blog post from Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions. Varsity offers OneCloud: a private, cloud hosting service at competitive prices. Our holistic IT approach to the cloud allows us to meet a broader range of needs. Learn more about Varsity’s managed cloud services.

If your nonprofit is transitioning to cloud infrastructure, it’s equally important to consider cybersecurity services, especially as cyber threats become more sophisticated. According to the National Council of Nonprofits, if your nonprofit conducts e-commerce on your website (such as fundraising), stores and transfers personally identifiable information, or collects information on preferences of donors, it’s time to “get serious about taking steps to address cybersecurity risks.” Luckily, Varsity provides three levels of security that build on each other to support growth and greater impact. We work diligently to meet your current security needs while planning ahead for the future. Read more about Varsity’s managed security services.

Once your organization has proper technology tools in place along with the security to protect valuable information, it’s important to consider marketing technology. This can include a robust website, social media accounts, emails, targeted ad campaigns, SEO strategies, geofencing, and specialized web and mobile apps. As with any technology your organization implements, marketing technology should be strategic and goal-oriented. The Philanthropy News Digest blog suggests that “an effective digital marketing strategy should reach new audiences that support your mission, convert more website visitors and/or supporters into donors, convince your existing donors to continue their support, and support other key goals.” Varsity can help support the technology you use through integration assistance, web app development, and consulting services.

While it’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends as a nonprofit, it’s perhaps more important to integrate the right IT approach in order to stay competitive and continue furthering your impact. At Varsity, we believe technology should help you succeed, which is why we value collaboration and partnership with all of our clients. Our strategy is to adapt, evolve, and continuously improve so we can better serve you and the communities you serve. Reach out for a consultation with a member of our trusted team to see how we can help you find the best technology solutions for your needs. We can’t wait to learn more about you and your nonprofit!