Simplicity and Intelligence in One App: Pulse for Android and iPhone

Pulse is a newsreader for Android and iPhone that I’ve found indispensable. It’s just too good to pass off as “just another app.” Discovering Pulse resulted in one of those moments when, after the adoption of a new technology for example, you stop and think, “How in the world did I ever survive without you?”

A few reasons why I like this app so much:

pulse app

  • It’s simple and sophisticated: You select a blog, anything you want – what I find most useful is the trending and top 10 lists, which aggregates the most talked about and interesting posts in different categories. This saves time and exposes me to content I would have never found myself.
  • Easy social media sharing: If I find something interesting it just takes two clicks to post to Twitter or Facebook. I can then mark it, which allows me to go back and read it later on my saved lists.
  • Intelligent connectivity: It syncs my subscriptions and favorites with all of my devices. Awesome!
  • Whether on a tablet or smartphone the interface is beautiful, functional, and intuitive.

Give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!