See how San Francisco Free Clinic moved to electronic health records to better serve the community.


SFFC was adopting a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) systemSolution:

Varsity took over management of the EHR rollout, and strengthened SFFC’s systems, support and planning.


Varsity continues to support the San Francisco Free Clinic with managed IT services as they serve a growing need in San Francisco.

San Francisco Free Clinic (SFFC) is a privately run health clinic that has been providing free medical services to the uninsured for the past 20 years. San Francisco Free Clinic has provided more than 70,000 visits and serves a growing need in San Francisco. San Francisco Free Clinic is a partner in the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium.

As part of an effort to meet HIPAA requirements and future health care regulations, SFFC set out to adopt an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. In conducting their initial research it became clear that they needed to rethink their IT support and planning.

The San Francisco Free Clinic approached Varsity to help identify the needs and come up with a plan. Varsity took over project management of the EHR rollout, updated systems, and implemented a disaster recovery system. In addition, Varsity worked to deploy tablets in exam rooms for use by doctors. Doctors can now access patient records during an exam visit and update patient records and prescriptions after a visit is completed. Following implementation of the EHR system, Varsity continues to provide ongoing management and support, following through on a 3-year technology plan.

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