Learn how GLIDE is supporting growth and change with better systems and data.


Supporting staff and programs for an increasingly complex environment with growing data demands.


Varsity implemented case management tools, better data analytics, and helped build a more robust infrastructure.


GLIDE’s mission is well supported and their staff are growing their skills

GLIDE is a local, civil-rights-focused non-profit with a national brand recognized by its past leader, Cecil Williams. GLIDE provides medical and behavioral health services, free hot meals, housing, violence prevention, rehabilitation, welfare to work, and many other programs to individuals in need.

As GLIDE’s programs have evolved, so too has the organization’s need for more information. Where it once relied exclusively on paper forms, the organization has since moved to applications to track metrics, inventory, and case management, among other things. Facing increased data and a greater need for IT services, GLIDE’s IT department had a rapidly growing infrastructure unable to be served by their current staff. A longtime partner of the nonprofit, Varsity collaborated with GLIDE to find solutions to these setbacks. By outsourcing to Varsity, GLIDE added higher-level engineering support, monitoring services, service reporting, best practices, and 24-7 emergency response.

Varsity’s partnership with GLIDE has allowed them to help existing staff develop their skills based on best practices. Varsity also supports the Director on multi-year technology planning, third-party product evaluation, and budget planning.

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