Top 3 Ways To Improve Collaboration In The Workplace


Today’s workplace may look a bit different than the cubicle environment of the past, but the goals of collaboration, communication, and productivity remain the same. The rise in digitalization and increase in flexible work options can make these goals more challenging. How do you ensure your team can collaborate easily, communicate effectively, and stay productive when they work from home and perhaps aren’t working traditional business hours? This is where the right technology tools can help. Let’s explore the top three ways technology can help improve collaboration in the workplace.

Utilize the Cloud

In this digital age, cloud computing technology is a necessity for businesses to stay ahead. The right cloud infrastructure allows your organization to stay agile and secure, while also scaling up as your organization grows. There are many benefits to utilizing the cloud, too. Your team members can collaborate more efficiently, your data is accessible from anywhere, and your business can integrate applications easily.

If you’re interested in implementing cloud infrastructure for your organization, look no further than Varsity. We offer OneCloud: a private, cloud-hosting service at competitive pricing. We will work with you to manage, support, and scale-up your legacy applications. Varsity can support enterprise services like Azure and AWS, as well as private or hybrid environments. Above all, we will get to know your organization to understand your challenges and your environment before creating the best solution for you. 

Implement the Right Communication Tools

Communication is a core component of business, which is why we recommend supporting your team with the right communication tools. From emailing to video conferencing, your team should have the tools they need to stay connected. VoIP is another growing tool we recommend utilizing, as it allows you to deliver voice communications over the internet easily and securely. The VoIP industry is projected to expand dramatically over the next few years, with the market expected to reach $194.5 billion by 2024. Organizations of all sizes are making the switch to cloud-hosted phone services. Advantages range from decreased cost, reliability, convenience, simplicity, and more.

For a flexible and customizable VoIP solution, Varsity offers VarsityVoice, a cloud-hosted VoIP. We can offer voice services completely through the Cloud with no dependency on phone carriers or physical hardware. We can also integrate with Microsoft Teams, or support other Microsoft 365 communication tools.

Back Up Your Data

With remote teams, data back-up and recovery solutions are a must. From equipment failures to cyberattacks, it’s important to ensure your assets stay protected in the event an incident occurs. Considering the average cost of a data breach has reached $9.44 million, we recommend investing in the right solutions to back up your data and ensure little to no business downtime.

With Varsity’s Backup and Disaster Recovery services, you can safeguard your business from any disaster you may experience. Our multitiered data backup and disaster recovery solutions guarantee real-time, easily restorable backups of your data, servers, operating systems, software, and emails in a secure off-site data center. Our professional team will ensure that you’ll never lose valuable data and resume normal operations within minutes of any downtime event.

Support Your Workplace With Varsity

If you’re interested in partnering with a managed IT service provider who can assist in implementing the right technology tools to support your workplace, consider Varsity. From cloud services to data back-up tools, we have the knowledge and expertise to support a variety of industries. We’re a firm believer that technology should drive your organization’s success, not hinder it. Contact us to get started on a custom technology solution for your team.