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I.T. Internship (Remote)

I.T. Internship (Remote / Sacramento) About the Team The Remote Services Desk team is a group of fun, committed, and hard working individuals. They are

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Tech Review: Microsoft Surface 2

It isn’t often we get to review a new piece of technology so soon after its release, so you can imagine our excitement to get our hands on the Microsoft Surface 2 (RT). My expectations for the Surface 2 were not high, considering the negative press for the original Surface, and dismissal by the industry of the second generation.

The Microsoft Surface 2 features Windows 8, and as a current user of Windows 8, I have many thoughts about it now that I’ve used it for several months. Shortly after deploying Windows 8, I made the move to Windows 8.1 Pro Preview and now to Windows 8.1 Pro. I have had a number of complaints about the move, but Windows 8.1 is a better OS than Windows 8 and enough to make one wonder why Microsoft didn’t incorporate its features in the first version. However, credit is due to them for listening to their customers and making necessary changes. We look forward to continued improvements in the future.

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Should You Upgrade to Office 2013?

Recently I was pulled into a conversation between our technical staff and my client. The client had decided to migrate to Office 365, and was considering whether to update their local version of Office to 2010 or 2013. After several comments back and forth I decided to jump in. Here are some of the questions that came up and my responses.

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How to Use SharePoint Online as a File Server

Ever since Microsoft released Office 365 with academic and charity pricing, I’ve had several people ask about the features. One feature in particular has been especially interesting to me; the availability of Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 as an application platform for document management.

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