New Technology Trends

tech trends

2022 has proven to be an equally exciting and challenging year. On one hand, we’ve seen businesses and organizations adapt exciting new technology to streamline processes and improve collaboration remotely. On the other hand, we’ve experienced economic and supply chain disruptions that challenge growth and efficiency. 2023 is predicted to be another innovative year with new technology developments and unique challenges. Let’s explore a few noteworthy technology trends and discuss how your organization can benefit from them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a top technology trend that many businesses and organizations have already implemented successfully. From increased productivity and efficiency to improved customer experiences, AI can bring many benefits to your organization. One AI trend that will continue to grow is AI TRiSM, which Gartner defines as “governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy and data protection. It combines methods for explaining AI results, rapidly deploying new models, actively managing AI security, and controls for privacy and ethics issues.” We recommend reviewing Gartner’s article on AI technology trends if you’d like to dive deeper.

Industry Cloud Platforms

Cloud infrastructure will continue to grow and develop in 2023. Industry clouds platforms are a hot topic in the tech space, as they offer “more adaptability than today’s software-as-a-service applications, more business functions than today’s infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service clouds and more innovation than today’s single-industry solutions.”

If your organization hasn’t scaled up to the cloud, now is the time to do so. In fact, IDC’s worldwide IT industry predictions for 2023 anticipates that “in 2025, 60% of infrastructure, security, data, and network offerings will require cloud-based control platforms that enable extensive automation and promise major reductions in ongoing operating costs.” Choosing the right cloud solution for your unique needs will ensure your data stays protected and your organization is supported.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable practices have become an important aspect of every industry, and technology is no different. From reducing carbon emissions to adopting “green” hardware, businesses and organizations should consider ways to make their technology more sustainable. Forbes even notes that “companies should look at their processes, business models and in some cases their business strategy to look for sustainability opportunities. They should also track regulatory trends in sustainability as well as what their competition is doing.” Technology leaders like Google are leading the way by partnering with sustainable cloud providers to create more sustainable apps and reduce carbon emissions across the globe.

Prepare For 2023 With Varsity

If your organization is looking for support when it comes to adopting these technology trends, consider Varsity’s managed IT services. We will work with you to develop a strategic technology strategy that supports your organization’s goals and drives your mission impact. Above all, we will ensure these technology trends help scale and optimize your organization. Learn more about us or get in touch today. We look forward to helping you succeed in 2023 and beyond!