Top 5 Things Your IT Provider Should Be Doing

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Whether you’re currently working with a Managed IT provider or are considering your options, there are a few important qualities to look out for. Since the goal of any co-managed IT partnership is to build collaboration, trust, and support, you want to ensure any IT provider you partner with is the right fit for your organization’s unique needs. Furthermore, a good IT provider will align with your organization’s processes, culture, and technology offerings — helping you grow and adapt to the changing technology and business landscape.

Continue reading to learn the top five things your IT provider should be doing. And if they’re not doing these things, it might be time to work with an IT provider who can properly support your business, like Varsity.

  1. Staying Updated on Security Threats

This is arguably the most important thing your IT provider should be doing. As you’re likely aware, cybersecurity crime is one of the top threats to all businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. With an increase in remote workplaces, more personal devices on company networks, and an uptick in sophisticated attacks, your organization needs to have a robust, multi-layered security posture in place to protect your most important assets. For nonprofits specifically, we recommend ensuring that your IT provider has the capabilities to support your organization, as well as your donor and community information.

  1. Recommend The Right Technology

The world of technology is vast and complicated — which is why it’s important to have IT experts by your side to help you research, select, implement, and use the right technology for your organization. Strategically using technology for your organization is the best way to grow, and the right IT provider should be able to discern what is (and what isn’t) best. Plus, because nonprofit organizations are traditionally slow at adopting new technologies, having an IT provider that understands your organization, goals, and mission will ensure you have the right technology in place.

  1. Maintain Compliance

Compliance is an important part of the nonprofit and IT management industries. Many nonprofits have specific compliance requirements they must keep up with, all while managing data and running operations. This is a challenging task, even for large organizations. Working with IT professionals is the best way to stay compliant and updated on any regulation changes.

  1. Manage Data Back-Ups and Recovery

Data management is key to thriving as a successful organization. After all, data is one of your most valuable resources — you (and your IT provider) should be protecting it at all costs. This includes a strong back-up strategy and tools, as well as a recovery plan should a data compromise occur.

  1. Scale Your Organization

With the right IT provider, you can easily scale your needs up or down depending on your current business cycles, projects, and projections. While any IT provider should plan to grow with you, they should also understand the need to cut back and save on unnecessary expenses if the need arises.

Partner With a Trusted IT Provider

If you’re looking for a trusted IT provider who can help you achieve more through the strategic use of technology, consider partnering with Varsity. We have the IT expertise and the nonprofit experience to help you succeed and increase your mission impact. Whether your organization is looking to fully outsource your IT or have assistance with a complicated tech project, we’re here to help. As your strategic partner, we get to know you before suggesting and creating viable options. Contact us today to get started or see what some of our clients are saying.