Children’s Health Council needed more effective IT operations and transparency around their data and systems.


IT projects being delayed, issues not being resolved.


Increase transparency of systems and data, implement EHR system, streamline IT projects.[/span4]


IT projects completed, CHC now operating with better systems, utilizing best practices in help desk and support.

Children’s Health Council provides families with education and support programs for ADHD, Learning Differences (LD), Anxiety & Depression and Autism. CHC’s clinical services include interdisciplinary assessment and treatment.  CHC’s two schools (Sand Hill School and Esther B. Clark School) and parent-education series provide kids and parents with educational support.

“Prior to working with Varsity, technology glitches seemed to hamper our work, preventing us from being as efficient as we could be. Since hiring Varsity to manage our technology, IT at our agency runs like a well-oiled machine!” -Adrienne Foran, Childrens Health Council

During our initial conversation with the CHC staff, we identified a number of areas that needed improvement.  IT projects were being delayed and issues weren’t being resolved. CHC’s real difficulty was its lack of transparency in its systems and its inability to interpret data, which would have shed light on what was (and wasn’t) working.

Varsity used the results of our discovery process and assessment to create a plan to move forward. The first step was introducing best practices and tools to streamline their IT operation.  Next, we deployed Electronic Health Records (EHR) software for the clinic. Finally, completed several other IT-related projects following our unique project process.

Ninety days into our relationship with the Children’s Health Council, we could identify weaknesses in the delivery of IT services and direct staff support. By incorporating best practices in help desk and desktop support, Varsity reorganized user support in order to provide consistent service. As a result, IT Children’s Health Council is now delivering expected outcomes on response time and resolution time.

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