Fundraising Technology Skills


Fundraising technology has become an essential tool for nonprofit organizations to raise funds and engage with donors. In today’s digital world, nonprofits must have a strong online presence and use technology to increase mission impact. Forbes notes that the nonprofit industry is one of the largest in the U.S. economy. Despite the pandemic and economic challenges, “we’ve seen a drastic rise in charitable giving.” Nonprofits can capitalize on this momentum with the right technology tools, as well as the skills to support them.

Here are some of the top fundraising technology skills we recommend focusing on as the nonprofit industry continues to implement technology tools:

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and social media are crucial fundraising technology skills that every nonprofit must have. Social media platforms offer nonprofits wonderful opportunities to connect with potential donors, supporters, and community members. By utilizing digital marketing and social media skills, nonprofits can attract new donors, retain existing donors, and increase donations. Social media also provides a great way to host virtual events, or even encourage social engagement at in-person events.

To take your digital marketing and social media skills to the next level, we recommend that nonprofits learn how to create and manage effective social media campaigns, develop email marketing strategies, and use analytics to track engagement and adjust strategies accordingly. Hootsuite provides an excellent list of free resources and trainings your team members can take advantage of and broaden their skills.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis and reporting skills are necessary for nonprofits to make informed decisions about fundraising campaigns. Nonprofits must collect, analyze, and report data on donors, donations, and campaigns to improve their fundraising strategies continually. Data analysis skills can help nonprofits identify trends, patterns, and opportunities to improve fundraising efforts. Data can also allow you to better understand your donors, communicate effectively, boost engagement, and more.

There are many data analysis tools available — the key is picking the right one to fit your organization’s needs. Additionally, it’s important to decide how your organization wants to interpret data and use it to inform fundraising campaigns.

Online Fundraising Platforms

Online fundraising platforms have become a popular way for nonprofits to raise funds. Nonprofits must understand how to use these platforms based on their unique fundraising needs and goals. There are a variety of online fundraising platforms to choose from, but like any technology tool, it’s important to find the best platform to meet your organization’s needs. Your organization may also need to consider the costs associated with these platforms — both for the platform itself and any associated processing fees. Kindful has put together a curated list of the best online fundraising platforms for nonprofits — you can browse it here. The guide includes platform overviews, favorite features, pricing, and more.

Donor Management Systems

Donor management systems (DMS) are essential for nonprofits to track and manage donor information. DMS allows nonprofits to store donor information like contact details, donation history, and engagement history. Nonprofits can use this information to personalize communications with donors and engage with them effectively. Kindful reminds us that “Donor management software can also use wealth screening to predict which donors are more likely to give larger amounts of money, show if and how donors are connected, and highlight giving habits.” This feature can be incredibly helpful if your nonprofit is looking to expand your donor outreach. Additionally, DMS can allow you to create and manage donor lists, generate reports, and use analytics to track donor engagement — which can all help increase your mission impact.

Consider a Trusted MSP Partner

In today’s digital world, nonprofits must develop fundraising technology skills to raise funds, engage with donors effectively, and encourage community involvement. While having a strong online presence is critical, there are many other tools your nonprofit can use to support your organization — from data reporting tools to donor management systems. If your nonprofit team does not have the technology skills your organization needs, you may consider partnering with a trusted Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) to outsource some of your technology needs.

Varsity may be the right MSP for your organization. We have the technology expertise and the nonprofit experience to work with the most effective technology solutions at a budget-friendly price. Here’s a glimpse at the support we can provide your nonprofit:

  • Expertise in donor and membership management software applications
  • Proactive and nonstop server support and network security
  • Enterprise-level data storage, backup, and recovery procedures
  • Strict adherence to various security standards and IT compliance protocols

Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation with us today. We look forward to showing you how technology can help better serve you and the communities you support.