Keeping The Human Element In Tech

human element

Without a doubt, technology plays an important role in our highly digitalized world. With the rise in technology tools like automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, we’ve seen a big shifts occur in a variety of industries. Amidst these advancements, it’s important to remember the human element is essential to business success — especially when it comes to technology. Here, we will highlight the importance of human involvement in IT strategies and highlight the unique benefits that only a genuine human connection can provide.

Goal-Oriented Decision-Making

While technology can analyze vast amounts of data and provide targeted insights, it lacks the context and intuition that a human can offer. In fact, Fortune notes the importance of the human element data analysis: “There’s a common misconception that business analytics and data science deal solely with hard numbers and statistics. While technical skills are certainly critical components in these fields, soft skills cannot be discounted.”

A team member, with a deep understanding of your business goals and objectives, can provide valuable insights and interpret data in a way that aligns with your organization’s needs. Their experience helps them make informed decisions that automated systems may miss. By having a human on your side, you can ensure that your IT strategy supports your organization’s needs and capitalizes on its strengths.

Adaptive Problem-Solving and Flexibility

Technology isn’t perfect — it can encounter challenges and disruptions. If technology systems break or become compromised, an IT expert can step in, analyze the situation, and adapt the right problem-solving approach. Humans can quickly respond to any situation that arises and adjust the IT strategy as needed. This flexibility is particularly valuable when dealing with complex issues, managing crises, or navigating evolving market conditions — which has, unfortunately, become so common as cybersecurity risks have increased.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is a fundamental element of any successful business strategy. While automated systems can streamline processes, they lack the ability to empathize, build relationships, and effectively collaborate with stakeholders. A real person can bridge the gap between technical jargon and business objectives, ensuring clear communication across all levels and between departments. They can actively engage with employees, understand their needs, and provide tailored solutions. Furthermore, the human element fosters collaboration and teamwork, which are vital for driving innovation and achieving strategic goals.

Ethical Responsibility

As technology evolves, ethical considerations become increasingly important. This is an area that’s particularly important to our team here at Varsity. As a Certified B-Corp since 2012, we are committed to making intentional decisions that support People, Planet, and Profit. Our ethical framework drives every business decision we make — from who we hire to the vendors we partner with. Above all, we are committed to using technology for good. With our team by your side, you can ensure the human element always stays present in your technology strategy.

Stay Human With Varsity

In an age where automation and digitalization are transforming our world, it’s vital to remember that technology should always be supported by human expertise. Embracing the human element in this automated world allows organizations to maximize the benefits of technology while ensuring alignment with their goals, values, and mission.

If you’re like us and want to keep the human element involved in your technology strategy, consider Varsity’s services. We aim to provide customized sustainable technology solutions for organizations to support their needs, improve growth, and increase mission-impact. Our reviews are a testament to our commitment to genuine, human-to-human service. Contact us to set up a consultation and see for yourself!