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Tech Review: Google Nexus 7

We’ve had some recent inquiries regarding the use of tablets for everyday work. One tablet in particular interested us so we thought we would pilot it—Google’s Nexus 7.

What we found was that given the flexibility of the Android OS, the size, and the cost, we think the Nexus 7 is a viable candidate for business use.

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How to Create a Better Home Office Setup With Ultrabooks

On many an early morning I’m often sitting at home getting a head start on emails and other work (I’m known for my 4:00am emails). For me this is a time when things are quiet, and I have room to breathe and calmly get some work done. Although traveling with my MacBook Air has been great, I find that using it for extended periods of time – while sending out my early morning emails for example – just isn’t comfortable or convenient.

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