Tech Review: Google Nexus 7

We’ve had some recent inquiries regarding the use of tablets for everyday work. One tablet in particular interested us so we thought we would pilot it—Google’s Nexus 7. What we found was that given the flexibility of the Android OS, the size, and the cost, we think the Nexus 7 is a viable candidate for business use.

In reviewing the Nexus 7, we wanted to find out how usable the device was for handling everyday tasks. We specifically looked at using it with an additional keyboard and a large screen. And we wanted to experience the overall performance of a device that started at $229.

The overall performance of the Nexus 7 was good. It was responsive when opening apps or browsing the web or using Chrome. The interface is very user friendly with large enough icons, and the picture on each icon clearly identifies what it is.

Using the SlimPort adapter (used to attach an HDMI monitor) was easy and painless. The only issue with the SlimPort is that with some monitors you may have to restart the monitor for it to detect the Nexus 7 image.

The only major concern we have discovered so far is the use of any Bluetooth device with the Nexus 7 while it is connected to a wireless access point. The Bluetooth bandwidth is affected, causing the Bluetooth device to fail. This is a known issue with the Android OS installed on the Nexus 7. The only workaround that has been successful for us is to have the Nexus 7 connect to a 5 GHZ WiFi access point.

Volume on the Nexus 7 was better than expected, and initial setup was easy. The settings menu is not too confusing, making it easy for a non-technical person to set up and make changes.

Overall, our experience with the Nexus 7 has been positive, and you may want to consider if it could be a good fit for your organization’s needs.