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Unlocking Generative AI: Navigating Security & Success Within Your Nonprofit

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Join us on Thursday, November 9th @ 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

We will explore the dynamic world of Generative AI and its crucial intersection with confidentiality, risk management, and strategic planning for organizations. During this webinar, we’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to leverage AI’s transformative potential responsibly. As a token of our appreciation, we’re also giving away a valuable AI Policy Template to all attendees!


Upcoming Event: November 9, 2023 @ 9:00AM (Pacific Time)

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What Attendees Can Expect:

  • Generative AI Demystified: Gain a clear understanding of what Generative AI is and how it can be harnessed to supercharge creativity and innovation within your organization.
  • Confidentiality Unveiled: Explore the importance of confidentiality and data security in the AI landscape, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive information remains protected.
  • Navigating AI Risks: Learn how to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with AI adoption, ensuring a smooth and secure integration process.
  • Strategizing for Success: Dive into the art of crafting a tailored AI strategy that aligns seamlessly with your organization’s mission, goals, and budget.
  • AI Policy Template Giveaway: All attendees will receive an AI Policy Template, providing you with a solid foundation for ethical and responsible AI usage within your organization.
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