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SMS Messaging For Your Organization That You Can Trust

Whether it be for emergencies, system outages, or to reach your audience when email doesn’t work. Rely on a text message that you know will be seen and protected. No apps are required.

Features Built To Be Simple, Clear & Fast

Text messages are used in combination with encryption to secure confidential and private information.

Engagement Report will help you view interactions. Compliance report to review message history.

Privacy feature hides the phone number of the send and recipient. No mobile apps required.

Flexible Ways To Use


Reach an employee on a private number to communicate confidential information. Know that they received and give them an easy and quick way to respond.


Reach your employees, customers, and contacts when emergency strikes. Know that text messages will be the most reliable and fastest way to reach people.


Get the benefit of teachers and parents communicating on a platform that parents will see. Accept replies, all while protecting teacher privacy.

Case Management

Connect and follow engagement with clients in non profit case management. Clients can receive text messages that help them access potentially confidential messages.

img sc5 Bring People Together

Bring People Together

Communication is the key to allowing people to connect, collaborate, and work through any situation.

Sentome makes this possible through a simple-to-use platform designed for both the user and your company.

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