Net-Zero Carbon Green School Brings Education, Technology, and Design Together

Net-Zero Carbon Green School Brings Education, Technology, and Design Together 150 150 Patrick Ciccarelli Patrick Ciccarelli

Redding School of the Arts

Redding School of the Arts is a net-zero carbon green school that is gaining national recognition and putting focus back on education in California.

James Theimer, Principal Architect at Trilogy Architecture, shared a unique vision with the McConnell Foundation, for a new green school with energy efficient features and intelligent design. The project has since received national recognition by the American Institute of Architects for Design Excellence. Also, with its energy efficient design it has earned LEED® Platinum Certification.

As part of the team that came together to build the school, Varsity worked with Trilogy to design a sustainable and intuitive technology infrastructure to support the inner workings of the school.

“James brought Varsity into this project to add to a team of professionals that could contribute a unique and fresh view on how to design a school. We’re very proud of the work we did to bring together technology, instruction, and green design to the Redding School of the Arts project. The AIA design award is an outstanding recognition of the innovation that exists at Redding School of the Arts.”
-Patrick Ciccarelli, CEO Varsity Technologies

Trilogy’s unique approach to sustainability bridges the gap between what exists outside with what can also exist inside. Some sustainable design features of Redding School of the Arts, include:

  • A “hole to the sky” theme throughout allowing natural light to pour in.
  • Controlled ventilation system that pumps cool air into open hallways.
  • Radiant heating creates a warming spot only when students are occupying the space.
  • A centrally located dashboard that displays building energy use.


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