E-Rate Deadlines: 2017 announcement expected


E-rate season is in full swing once again and similar to last year, there are lots of opportunities for schools to take advantage of E-rate funds for technology or services that qualify under Category 1 and Category 2 funding. As with all years there are important deadlines to note.

In 2016, we saw some changes in deadlines for E-rate which included pushing back the application open and close dates to February 3rd and April 29th respectively.

Although the deadlines have not been announced for this year, we expect to hear from USAC shortly at which point we will send out notifications to all of our school contacts. But regardless, we have heard from our E-rate consultants that it will be late January or early February. So it seems, although not confirmed, that the dates will look more like last E-rate season.

We will report as soon as the current application dates are announced.