Building a Greener San Francisco with Friends of the Urban Forest

Several times a year all the folks at Varsity come together to work on a volunteer project. Thanks to our favorite Culture Maven, Eliza, we had the fortunate opportunity to spend some time working on greening San Francisco.

FUF 6 resized 600
Left to Right: Ellie and Jason

Last Thursday morning we had a great time volunteering with Friends of the Urban Forest, known as FUF. They were really appreciative that we were out there helping (even in the rain!). The neighbors also came out to thank us for volunteering, while curious passerby’s asked questions and smiled their approval, happy to know that soon they would be passing by a beautiful garden on their daily commute. My favorite part was out of the 6 volunteers, 5 of us were from Varsity. Made me feel great for being part of such an awesome team!

Another crew from Varsity went out on Friday with their work boots on and ready to have fun! The FUF organizers were really shocked to hear that another Varsity crew was coming out…looking forward to the next one.

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Above left to right: (our adorable mascot for the day), Shoua, Justin, Caitlin, and Eliza Below left to right, 1st row: Julia and Shoua; 2nd row: Jason and Ellie; 3rd row on the right: Ben