Varsity in Berkeley, California

Berkeley, California, is home to one of the country’s best universities. It’s only apparent then that some bright minds are entering the business world in Northern California. With these exceptional and innovative brands coming to fruition, protection from outside threats through top cybersecurity infrastructure is essential. Having a top IT firm like Varsity Technologies by your side can provide your business with up-to-date cloud infrastructures and IT services that will protect your company while setting you ahead of the competition.

IT and Technology Services in Berkeley, California

Founder, Patrick Ciccarelli

Our premier IT and tech services offer organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors in the Berkeley and Northern California area with tools they need to make an impact through the use of information technology. Imagine leveraging some of the world’s top information and technology practices to reach your highest potential and boost productivity both in and outside of the office.

We work with non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses to provide IT services in Downtown Berkeley, Claremont, Elmwood, North Berkeley, South Berkeley, and everywhere in between.

Your IT Services needs to be led by a leader.  Varsity Technologies is a leader in IT services in Berkeley California. Firm Founder, Patrick Ciccarelli leads the charges to meet your needs and raise your expectations.  Varsity’s Berkeley team is waiting to connect. Reach out today to get the conversation started. Reach out to benefit from Varsity’s free cybersecurity assessment and to begin a conversation about how we can develop a strategic partnership with your Berkeley business or organization that fits within your budget.

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